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spread by opening the leaves of

cast off in scales, laminae, or splinters

remove the surface, in scales or laminae

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come off in a very thin piece

grow by producing or unfolding leaves

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The micronucleus test on exfoliated cells has been successfully used to: (1) recognize population groups at an elevated risk for cancer of the oral cavity or urinary bladder; (2) estimate synergistic or additive effects of carcinogen exposure (cigarette smokers plus drinkers of alcoholic beverages); (3) pinpoint the site within an organ from which most carcinomas will develop.
According to transmission electon microscope (TEM) results at 5 wt% of nanoclays, MMT-[Na.sup.+] shows tactoid structure, MMT-30B and MMT-CPC show intercalated structure while MMT-I.30E shows an exfoliated structure.
The solution processable Mo[S.sub.2] suspension shows obvious blue-shifted photoluminescence compared to that of monolayer Mo[S.sub.2] exfoliated by the micromechanically cleavage method.
This additive reacts with the clay by an ion exchange reaction to form an exfoliated clay stable in water or organic solvents.
This pink gel contains microfibres which give a thorough scrub leaving skin feeling well exfoliated. Tube is easy to use and gel has a strong fruity scent.
Exfoliated or delaminated structures are obtained, when the silicates are completely and uniformly dispersed in the continuous polymer matrix.
The Division of Cancer Prevention of the NCI invites small business applications for research projects to develop novel technologies for capturing, enriching, and preserving exfoliated abnormal cells and circulating DNA from body fluids or effusions and to develop methods to concentrate these cells and DNA for cancer biomarker detection.
It would be great if we had the time (and budget) to visit a spa to get exfoliated and hydrated, thus ridding ourselves of our dull, flaky outer layer.
"You can get the same results with an exfoliating scrub." Dermabrasion, in which the underlayer of the skin is exfoliated, provides better results, she says, but takes 10 days to heal.
The objective is to acquire a package of data from dif-ferent sensors in order to deduce information about the microstructure of the clay filler particles, and to determine if aggregate clay has dispersed and exfoliated into small nanosize particles within the polymer matrix.
Newly exfoliated skin often seems whiter and cleaner- looking because fresh cells lie flat on the surface and so reflect light more evenly.
The system uses a unique handpiece that projects corundum microcrystals with a controlled intensity, that abrades the skin and vacuums away the exfoliated cells.
In this case, graphite is oxidized and then graphene layers are exfoliated from the graphite using different methods, such as ultrasonic techniques [2, 3].
The nanocomposite is based on an exfoliated layered filler, in the form of 0.1 to 30 vol% of separate, thin platelets, dispersed in a polymer.