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  • verb

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spread by opening the leaves of

cast off in scales, laminae, or splinters

remove the surface, in scales or laminae

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come off in a very thin piece

grow by producing or unfolding leaves

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Why it works: Rice flour exfoliates, purifies, and remineralizes the skin.
It has pineapple enzyme frozen crystal to exfoliate the skin.
Dr Mustafa Marai : While you should exfoliate your skin all year round, it's critical to exfoliate regularly during winter as our skin becomes very dry.
This enhancement uses Which Sugar Scrub and Body Butter to exfoliate and hydrate the foot and ankle.
Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair.
The aim is to exfoliate and hydrate the cuticles thanks to the 18-carat gold enriched formula.
The aim is to exfoliate and hydrate cuticles thanks to the 18-carat gold enriched formula.
Below are different methods you can use to exfoliate from the comfort of your home: 1) Cleansing beads: This method uses affordable products and is done in no time.
TO HELP CONSUMERS ACHIEVE A MORE PERFECT LIPSTICK PALETTE, Eco Lips launched its Lip Scrub, an organic lip treatment designed to exfoliate and polish skin.
The beads were funny-shaped and quite small though, so it didn't exfoliate brilliantly.' Kellie Herkes, Hants
Natalie Semchyshyn, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University, said that contrary to the popular belief men's skin is more sensitive, as their skin loses moisture faster, is more prone to dryness and doesn't exfoliate as much.
After being dried and redispersed into the NMP solvent, a high power tip sonication was used to further exfoliate Mo[S.sub.2] in liquids.
6--Exfoliate --Dry skin can produce dead skin cells so it is important to exfoliate weekly to get rid of these cells so your body can produce new ones.
2 Exfoliate. Go for a scrub or loofah and scrub knees, arms and elbows.
This is a blend of corn cob and purple rice from China to gently exfoliate and Amazonian Capuaca Butter to hydrate.