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an exercise device resembling a stationary bike


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Singer Barbara Dickson and swimmers Sharron Davies and Duncan Goodhew took part in an exercise bike race during the Slimathon gala in 1982 for Save the Children.
For the purpose of arriving at market size, the study considers the worldwide sales of recumbent exercise bikes and upright exercise bikes in the market.
It appears rowing machines and exercise bikes are the most popular.
According to its latest reviews, Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bikes are undeniably the most popular exercise equipments used in homes, health clubs and colleges, putting a major impact on the development of fitness world.
Inmates at a small prison in Brazil are being encouraged to work towards shortening their sentences by pedalling on exercise bikes.
In the study the resistance on the exercise bikes could be rapidly increased so volunteers were able to briefly exercise at much higher intensities than they would otherwise be able to achieve.
Phoenix's John McGuire said: "We expect to be inundated with exercise bikes from the spare room, drum kits from the garden hut and the campervan that's seen its last family holiday.
And some of the 750 members of the Leisure Club will also be joining in the fundraising by taking part in their own sponsored ride on the hotel's exercise bikes.
An exercise bike is great for burning calories, but what if you could also generate electricity while you get into shape?
TRIM John Lewis EB1 Exercise Bike pounds 269, available from selected John Lewis Department stores from December 2008 and johnlewis.
Using exercise bikes, the staff completed a six-day 335-mile bike ride.
Becky Huggins, who teaches RE at Eston Park School, plans to cycle the equivalent distance between London and Paris on exercise bikes with around 35 pupils.
It's filled with state-of-the-art weight-training and fitness equipment, including exercise bikes hooked up to plasma-screen TVs that show movies and video games.
According to the newspaper, British Heart Foundation researcher David Newby, whose work has been submitted for publication in the journal Circulation, subjected a group of men to diluted diesel fumes for one hour while riding exercise bikes, with a resultant reduction in both flexibility and the production of blood clot-blocking proteins exhibited within six hours of the ride.