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an exercise device resembling a stationary bike


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Singer Barbara Dickson and swimmers Sharron Davies and Duncan Goodhew took part in an exercise bike race during the Slimathon gala in 1982 for Save the Children.
"It's the first product to combine both a standing desk with an exercise bike. We can't wait to showcase all the unique features we've packed into the product."
Technavio's analysts forecast the global exercise bike market to grow at a CAGR of 3.66% during the period 2016-2020.
"It appears rowing machines and exercise bikes are the most popular.
Inmates at a small prison in Brazil are being encouraged to work towards shortening their sentences by pedalling on exercise bikes.
The Cybercycle Study enrolled 101 volunteers, aged 58 to 99, who were living independently and had indoor access to an exercise bike.
An exercise bike is great for burning calories, but what if you could also generate electricity while you get into shape?
JUST how many junior exercise bikes, weight benches and treadmills Santa will leave for children across Ireland is anybody's guess.
According to the newspaper, British Heart Foundation researcher David Newby, whose work has been submitted for publication in the journal Circulation, subjected a group of men to diluted diesel fumes for one hour while riding exercise bikes, with a resultant reduction in both flexibility and the production of blood clot-blocking proteins exhibited within six hours of the ride.
Brown, who doubles as a BBC radio pundit, had a say in the installing of exercise bikes beside the dug-outs at Craven Cottage for subs.
Partner Brian Clark and 16 other riders clambered aboard the exercise bikes at the city's Radisson Hotel and cycled the equivalent distance of Liverpool to London.
Sales have rocketed by 37 per cent since 1997 when we forked out pounds 175million on multi-gyms, exercise bikes, dumbbells, stomach exercisers and videos.
Exercising inside on treadmills or exercise bikes is just not the same for a runner used to the wind on his face.
He handed over exercise bikes, a ski-runner and a boxing bag worth more than pounds 1,000.