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This award recognizes a business leader who is under the age of 40 and best exemplifies the principles of business and community leadership through service to the community, respect for employees and dedication to customer service.
Effective team work is key to success in the council and our winner has taken this to heart and exemplifies good team work.Louise Evans, a Project Officer from Basildon Councils Commercial Services department was crowned the winner and commended for exemplifying the councils values.Gary Lester said: For us, our Partnership with Basildon Borough Council goes beyond our basic commitments to providing integrated maintenance services.
"We think Mick exemplifies that extremely well, he's done a great job and creates confidence in the team to keep believing in themselves even though we have been in the bottom three for a lot of the season."
Perhaps more than any other human grouping, the Indian tribe known to its neighbors as the Aucas (the word means "naked savage") exemplifies raw humanity in its unredeemed state.
Gratitude measures the distance between have-not and have, and is a reminder of the journey, one that Oprah's own life exemplifies. 'I have been beyond blessed,' she told USA Today in 2004." (The Gospel According to Oprah by Marcia Z.
This is the fascinating and inspiring story of Haagen-Dazs that exemplifies the great American dream of opportunity and went on to becoming an international success from across the country and around the world!
Highlights during a round at Crimson Ridge include hole 8, a hole that exemplifies the course's risk and reward design philosophy.
"Grace exemplifies the type of independent music teacher the Fellowship was created to support," says MTNA Past President Joan M.
For many, veteran exemplifies what a patriot should be.
Similarly, when she discusses "protest" or "proletariat" elements of Fauset's works (it is never clear why these two terms are conflated), she states that Plum Bun "exemplifies the proletarian strain through the valorization of the folk as the center of black art as well as Angela's admission of her black heritage to protest discrimination against Miss Powell." But Jones never explains how the folk are "proletarian" by their very nature, and a protest against discrimination does not in and of itself indicate a proletarian strain.
Presented annually to a "noncommissioned officer who best exemplifies the Army's vision and influences others in shaping future leaders while practicing excellent stewardship of the nation's most precious resource--our soldiers," the award is presented by the Association of the U.S.
For example, Fabre's comparison of the seven alchemical operations of calcination, distillation, dissolution, putrefaction, sublimation, coagulation, and fixation to the Catholic Church's seven sacraments exemplifies his use of alchemical processes and language to illustrate the mysteries of each sacrament while adhering strictly to orthodox teaching.
Given the historically contentious class politics of modem Britain, the threat that Malfoy exemplifies, class prejudice and snobbery, likely touches a raw nerve among Rowling's British readers in a way that their American counterparts do not fully appreciate.
Once you secure a job, target an individual in upper management whom you feel has the respect of his or her peers and exemplifies a business model you'd like to follow.
Shonna Hickman-Matlock's Unresolved (2002) exemplifies the relationship-on-the-brink genre.