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Moreover, taking exemplification as primitive seems right.
Regarding mental causation and reduction Ehring defends the token identity theory of mental events but, unlike Davidson, conceives of events as property exemplifications.
As well develop concept maps based on the exercise findings Tasks in Reflective Exercise/ Exemplification the Journal 3 Presentation: Organizational (Team Work) developing and Context designing interfaces based on real case studies Componential Reflective Exercise: Exemplification Design Journal 4 developing and (Team Work) designing interfaces based on real case studies HCI Reflective Exercise/ Exemplification Development Journal 5 Presentation: Methodology (Individual developing and Assessment) designing interfaces based on real case studies using HCI development methodology Social and Reflective Exercise: Exemplification Global Journal 6 identify the Issues, (Individual problems in Web Web 2.
According to Walker, "In licensing our brand, maintaining the highest level of quality with a meaningful exemplification of relaxed, casual fun is paramount to a product deserving the Johnny Rockets name.
However one judges the further developments of the thought of Zubiri and Rahner, the idea of "historicization" (repeated frequently) is key and has its primary exemplification in Romero.
It's a collection highlighting their stories, their words, and an exemplification of their honor to the men and women who've served and their families.
Similarly, exemplification culture is likely to moderate the exemplification usage outcome relationships.
We have some enormous challenges in terms of how we can change behaviour and the only way I believe we can do this is by exemplification.
Code allowed a winner in a lawsuit to recover "fees for exemplification and the costs of making copies of papers.
However, Israel, while recognising that keeping prisoners in jail for years without charge or trial is not "an optimal exemplification of justice", argues that administrative detention is an effective deterrent that it doesn't want to lose.
This required the vilification of Charles Kingsley who, despite his participation in the demolition of Buckle, became the exemplification of everything a professional historian was not.
One chapter is devoted to writing different kinds of paragraphs--narration, exemplification, process analysis, exposition, and discovery--with examples of each and notes on revision.
Thus, the Highest One becomes in effect "the outpouring of Existence Itself by way of its exemplification in ordinary existents" (113).
The book is a real exemplification of Indian thoughts with a global feel and is extremely helpful and insightful for students, professionals and executives.
In the capital, the highly influential and important Arts Journal declared that 'in Birmingham, the city of metallurical processes and metal manufacture, we have a most striking exemplification of the value of science to the manufacturer'.