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a representational or typifying form or model

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In this study we are specifically examining the strategies of ingratiation, exemplification, self-promotion competency, self-promotion bashing, and intimidation.
Exemplification theory (Zillmann, 2002; Zillmann & Brosius, 2012) posits that individuals tend to generalize from examples to the population overall because exemplars tend to be vivid and easy to process, which heightens their memorability and subsequent retrieval at the time that judgments are rendered (Zillmann, 1999).
Exemplification is a discourse strategy by which the meaning of a unit with a general referent (the general element or GE) is clarified by means of a second, more specific unit (the exemplifying element or EE).
As a longtime basketball fan, I am proud to have witnessed the exemplification of this way of being in the 2016 Ateneo Blue Eagles, affectionately referred to by some as the 'Bald Blue Eagles' as a nod to Coach Tab Baldwin.
Beyond the Stars is a gem of a book for busy teachers looking for exemplification of different literary techniques.
While Christians seek to promote life, says Clark, they also venerate the brutal torture and death of the person they believe to be the source and highest exemplification of life.
In an exemplification of one, Germany has decided to temporarily reinstate controls at the Austrian border and halt train traffic.
Edwards raises different regress arguments against both realist views and says that the realist must either take exemplification as a primitive or employ Armstrong's strategy of dismissing the need for exemplification.
In 2011, he received the "John Tiscornia Award," which honors at least 20 years of service modeling outstanding leadership, stewardship and exemplification of PeaceHealth values.
Canada will receive the exemplification from the year 1300.
L, reminds me that choosing an example with which to make a point is ultimately a form of representation, and like all acts of exemplification it can slide into stereotype or ethnic profiling.
However one judges the further developments of the thought of Zubiri and Rahner, the idea of "historicization" (repeated frequently) is key and has its primary exemplification in Romero.
To do so, we first provide an overview of exemplification theory.
Francis is reinterpreted (through the theory of illumination) from a lack of cultural formation (simplex et idiota) to an exemplification of the most direct path to God.
Its exemplification of classicism, disarmingly artful pigtail and redundancy of the need to age it makes this cigar an incredibly delightful and rich smoke.