exemplary damages

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(law) compensation in excess of actual damages (a form of punishment awarded in cases of malicious or willful misconduct)

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The actor's lawyers are demanding PS31million in damages for loss of likeness, PS31million for improper appropriation of a confidential idea, PS31million in exemplary damages and PS62million for improper interference.
Ford (Counter-Defendants) and other parties to be named later, seeking the return of its intellectual property, declaratory and equitable relief jointly and severally against the named counter-defendants, and damages, including punitive and exemplary damages.
TAG sought a compliance order and injunction in relation to Watchorn's breaches of his employment agreement as well as general, special and exemplary damages for the breaches.
He said leading lawyers had questioned the legality of the "carrot and stick" system, where newspapers who sign up to a regulator recognised under the royal charter system will be spared the threat of exemplary damages, claiming it could breach human rights laws.
In addition to the 500,000 dollars, the first family of reality television also asked for profits, statutory damages, punitive and exemplary damages, as they claim that Ellen Kardashian had licensed their belongings to Bauer Publishing, which subsequently published the material in their magazines 'In Touch and Life and Style', Radar Online reported.
Newspapers are invited to join this "voluntary" arrangement - with exemplary damages possible if they don't, though one would expect the courts, if not here then certainly in Europe, to throw this out.
With the leadership of the three main parties signed up to the plan, the exemplary damages provision was last night comfortably passed by 530 votes to 13, majority 517.
But he acknowledged legislation was necessary to establish a system of exemplary damages for newspapers which did not sign up to the regulator.
Out of the compensation Mr Alam has been awarded, pounds 65,000 of it has come in the form of exemplary damages - which will be paid for out of Cleveland Police's pocket rather than through the force's insurance.
MEA was dropped from the suit in May, the current complaint said, and now JMFA is seeking a jury trial in its claims against Fiserv, seeking actual damages to be determined, exemplary damages of $10 million and court costs and fees.
The appellate court also ordered the convicts to pay an additional 150,000 pesos in civil indemnity and exemplary damages to Yap's heirs.
A torrent of lawsuits, including the first-ever class action against Toyota, sought compensatory, punitive and exemplary damages for plaintiffs and tarnished the Japanese automaker's reputation.
45 million in actual damages and $20 million in what TDS calls exemplary damages "finding that Waste Management had circulated false and defamatory statements about TDS and its Austin, Texas landfill," TDS said.
Summary: Barker-Homek is seeking at least $460 million in compensatory and exemplary damages
The Army's conduct, deplorable though it was, did not cross the high threshold warranting an award of exemplary damages," the judge said.