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Scholars of the Abrahamic religions examine the reciprocity and interdependence of the exegetical traditions in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Taken together with previous studies specifically dedicated to a holistic framework for Augustine's interpretation of the Psalter, McLamey attempts to gain a deeper insight into Augustine's exegetical commitment.
Kienzle's analysis of Hildegards exegetical method poses questions about her claims to spiritual authority.
Grunhaus concludes, on the basis of these statements, that Radak holds the homiletical exegetical tradition represented in the rabbinic sources in high esteem.
Glanz has made a study of exegetical method and its consequences for the interpretation of referential incoherence, which is obviously challenging and runs against the grain of saying that everything in the Bible makes sense, which in fact, sometimes is does not.
Pak wants to suggest that Calvin's exegetical principles pushed him to his departures from the medievals, Luther and Bucer, but those exegetical principles are never set out in a systematic fashion.
to that of ways and means--in other words, issues of transmitted knowledge, discursive systems, sermonic genres, and exegetical agendas" (106-07); "the centrality of grammar .
There are some exceptions where linguistic and exegetical material has been combined under a single heading, for instance in the entry "Azar", which focuses on classical discussion about his identity and whether or not it was the name of the father of Prophet Ibrahim, upon him peace.
In chapter 3, Pardes examines the contemporary exegetical context of Melville's narrator Ishmael, named after the well-known outcast from the Abrahamic covenant.
Carel accomplishes this goal, but only by doing exegetical damage to both Freud and Heidegger.
Toward that end, Holder calls upon Karlfried Froelich's differentiations between hermeneutical principles and exegetical practices in patristic exegesis, then applies these distinctions to Calvin.
Following current trends in Calvin scholarship, Selderhuis moves away from Calvin's Institutes in order to focus his attention on Calvin's exegetical work.
Robert Gagnon of Pittsburgh (Presbyterian) Theological Seminary has refuted every major exegetical and theological claim made by Rogers in his monumental work The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics; and also in his detailed critique of Rogers at robgagnon.
chair of the Old Testament department and professor of Old Testament studies, Dallas Theological Seminary), Interpreting the Historical Books: An Exegetical Handbook is an in-depth scrutiny of Old Testament books Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.
Grossman, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, brings a thoroughgoing expertise in the legal, exegetical, ethical, social, and literary sources of medieval Jewish life to this systematic exposition of what can be surmised about that voiceless female half of medieval Jewry who left virtually no written documents of any kind.