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A more explicit clause in the will indicates she also furnished the Cockpit's tiring house with costumes: "my said executrix shall for the said twoe shares prouide and finde for the said Companie, a sufficyent and good stock of apparell fitting for theire vse.
3) QTIP trust--gives the surviving spouse a right to all income for life, with principal to children, or others, upon death of the surviving spouse (the executor or executrix must make this election, it cannot be mandated in the will).
The original letter has long since been lost--I had only anecdotal evidence of its existence when I wrote Dawn Powell: A Biography in the late 1990s--but a photocopy turned up after the death of Powell's original executrix, Jacqueline Miller Rice, in 2003.
In his will, Brandon named his wife the executrix, and in October 2006 the estate informed the IRS of Brandong death.
But one person comes to mind more than others today as I'm speaking and that is June Milne, our father's literary executrix, who is now over 90.
Kari, as executrix of William's estate, wrote a letter to DuPont requesting that his pension benefits be distributed to the estate, stating that Liv had waived her interest in the benefits in the divorce decree.
Permission for this translation has been kindly granted by Lyotard's literary executrix, Mme Dolores Lyotard.
The most vigorous letter-writer was Barbara of Brandenburg, prime executrix of the Gonzaga strategy to enhance their tank by linking their Italian court with noble families of the Holy Roman Empire: Barbara's own marriage had answered this need, as did the marriages of three of her children, including Paula's.
When my dad died in 1989, I was the executrix to his estate.
And I appoint my said dear Sister the Executrix of this my last will & Testament.
I'd gotten accustomed to hearing them--from people close to us but also from those with whom we did business, the ones who had clearly figured out our relationship, but also the ones who knew only that I was the executrix, or that we shared an address.
The interviewees include the poet's executrix Doris Dana, a family friend Isolina Barraza de Estay, and Gilda Pendola, who worked for her asa secretary in Italy (but not, she says, for pay).
Biala, another painter and Ford's last partner, had her difficulties with Ford but remained devoted, the keeper of the flame and executrix.
In one case, the executrix held an estate balance of approximately $6,000 in a noninterest-bearing checking account for 3 years because of the need for ready cash and liquidity of funds.