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a person appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of the will

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1981), "The Francis Willughby Executorship Accounts, 1672-1682: An Early Double-Entry System in England," Accounting Review, Vol.
Morrison, Bambara's editor, decided--perhaps rightly--that the work's "woven" quality made any surgery impossible, and no doubt the bonds of friendship and literary executorship were responsible as well.
He was unable to produce a letter of executorship from the Master of the High Court when the bank demanded it.
There is no legal check on their charges, which is the case when a solicitor is used, and when they go out of business, as may have happened here, you add to the burden of whoever is to take on the executorship.
Notice in this connection that executorship is a consensual fiduciary relationship, like trusteeship.
No one waited more eagerly than William Rossetti, who, once the onerous task of executorship of his brother's estate began to ease, turned his indefatigable energy to sorting and annotating Gabriel's family letters.
Maria Clemm's Effect upon Poe's Reputation: the Contrived Executorship
Her will entrusts to the reader an executorship according to robust theological certainties, which are amply acknowledged by Richardson, and perhaps merely reinforced by his additions to subsequent editions.