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Bring more effective general and financial management practices to the Federal Government through statutory provisions which would establish in the Office of Management and Budget a Deputy Director for Management, establish an Office of Federal Financial Management headed by a Controller, and designate a Chief Financial Officer in each executive department and in each major executive agency in the Federal Government.
Additionally, the Memo directs executive departments and agencies to provide an explicit justification for any decision not to afford increased flexibility to small firms in any proposed or final rule "likely to have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.
In response to this reality, Part III proposes that some progress toward the elusive goal of effective democratic use of force decision making can be achieved by approaching the problem of potentially inflated executive department threat claims from the other side of the communication exchange.
Throughout the years the Supreme Court has ruled on the powers and limits of executive departments, However, as with the rest of the federal government, the court has found that executive departments have plenty of power and very few limits.
We are aware that all of her actions were cleared first by Sefton MBC's own legal executive department.
district court threw out the suit, holding that taxpayers do not have the right to challenge executive department expenditures.
The Scottish Executive Department of Health's strategy paper, The Right Medicine, A Strategy for Pharmaceutical Care in Scotland (1), called for a review of out-of-hours pharmacy service provision in Scotland.
Executive Department, Common wealth of Massachusetts, Romney files bill to protect rights of sexual assault victims, news release, Jan.
James Madison wrote in 1793: "In no part of the Constitution is more wisdom to be found than in the clause which confides the question of war or peace to the legislature, and not the executive department.
Despite claims that its negotiation is open and transparent, the executive department to date has refused to transmit (to Congress) an official copy of the agreement,'' Marcos said in her speech at the lower house.
Charlie Fischer transfers to the executive department as ag products manager.
We are not going to allow the legislative process to be dictated by executive department heads or administration staff,'' Burton and Villaraigosa declared in the memo, charging that such requests were being made without contacting the authors of bills.
Contract notice: Cleaning and fencing of plots in execution of acts of the executive department of planning, environment and huerta in proceedings on the duty of urban conservation.
The Conference is an annual event conducted by the Executive Department and attended by all directors of departments and regions and branches to discuss various themes, including the assessment of the strategic performance of the bank and the achievements in accordance with the Bank's strategy.
NARA will compile a standard catalog of CUI categories and work with each Executive Department to develop a compliance plan.
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