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Anne Barseth, Head Of Sector Project Management Marco Polo, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI)
The advocate's goal is to convince both legislature and executive agency to use their immense discretion in a way that advances the advocate's cause.
PHOTO Under the American Heritage Rivers initiative, each executive agency in the federal government would be required to ``offer assistance'' to communities in conserving the selected rivers, including the Santa Clara River.
The Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River informed that the level near Ruse is 58 centimetres, with expectations being for it to drop by another five centimeters over the next two days.
by (1) prohibiting a contract that is entered into by the head of an executive agency from being performed outside the United States except to meet a requirement of the executive agency for the contract to be performed specifically at a location outside the United States; and (2) prohibiting the funds appropriated for financial assistance for a state to be disbursed to or for such state during a fiscal year unless the chief executive of that state has transmitted to the administrator for federal procurement policy a written certification that, except as described in paragraph (2), none of such funds will be expended for the performance of state contracts outside the United States.
Tenders are invited for "Performing maintenance and repair of engines of vessels used by the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, located on the territory of the Fisheries and Control - Western Bulgaria Department of Fisheries and Control - Southern Bulgaria Plovdiv, Fisheries and Control Department - Black Sea "Bourgas and Department of Fisheries and Control - Central Danube" Rousse.
5 million hours of overtime in 2014, according to statistics of the General Labor Inspectorate Executive Agency.
It relates to expenditure from the Union's general budget and includes an additional 40 million in commitment appropriations to support the stability and development of Kosovo; an additional 139 million in commitment appropriations and a total of 180 million in payment credits to support the Palestinian Authority; the creation of a new budgetary line relating to consular cooperation; adaptations associated with the mandate of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency; and the release of reserve funds following the extension of the Executive Agency for the Public Health Programme and Trans-European Networks.
The bill would overhaul federal acquisition processes, primarily through the appointment of chief acquisition officers for each executive agency (other than the DOD).
The insufficient safety poses risk of falling accidents involving both people and heavy objects that could injure workers or passers-by, the General Labor Inspectorate Executive Agency said in a press release.
This would be permissible, if these transactions: (1) are necessary to the responsibilities of the official's executive agency in the field of research and development; and (2) have the potential to facilitate defense against, or recovery from, terrorism or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack (H.
Companies House is an Executive Agency of the DTI with responsibility for the incorporation and dissolution of limited companies, for the registration of information supplied by them to the Registrar of Companies, under the Companies Acts and related legislation, and for making this information available to the public.
Implementing agency : The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
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