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Anne Barseth, Head Of Sector Project Management Marco Polo, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI)
The advocate's goal is to convince both legislature and executive agency to use their immense discretion in a way that advances the advocate's cause.
Crowell, Elcom's Chairman, said, "We are pleased to welcome Registers of Scotland Executive Agency to the expanding public sector organisations using the eProcurement Scotl@nd programme to increase purchasing efficiencies and better their services to user communities.
Among other equally important objectives, this act required each executive agency to implement and maintain financial management systems that comply with accounting standards established by the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB).
Hence, it was a logical next step for the SECDEF to delegate Executive Agency to the Air Force, particularly with our significant investment in space.
Loma Systems has been awarded R51 approval by the National Weights and Meausres Laboratory (NWML), an Executive Agency of the DTI, for its range of checkweighers.
In 1976, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base was selected as the site for the institute and the Department of the Air Force was designated as the executive agency.
Tanzania's international airports are in line for major improvement following the launching of the Tanzania Airports Authority as an Executive Agency, writes Shamlal Puri.
Moreover, although the whole point of FOIA is to dig up the lid on executive branch operations, the few reporters who do use FOIA often couldn't care less about the executive agency they're demanding information from; they want copies of letters sent from members of Congress to various agencies and aren't really probing bureaucracies so much as seeking evidence of congressional muscle.
The envisaged agencies are modeled after the British executive agency system adopted in the late 1980s.
The Valuation Office, an executive agency of the Inland Revenue, listens to concerns from people who feel their property has been put in the wrong council tax band.
Under the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, each executive agency in the federal government would be required, in essence, to ``offer assistance'' to communities in conserving the selected rivers, through a bureaucrat called a ``river navigator.
This agreement represents more than two years of close collaboration between Picis, BT and NHS Connecting for Health (NHSCFH) - the executive agency of the UK's Department of Health responsible for the program - and will provide a next-generation operating room/theatre management system.
The insufficient safety poses risk of falling accidents involving both people and heavy objects that could injure workers or passers-by, the General Labor Inspectorate Executive Agency said in a press release.
Bulgaria's wine exports were expected to keep the positive trend and to register a 10 per cent increase for the year 2010, Krassimir Koev, head of the country's Executive Agency for Vine and Wine, said on October 26.
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