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Synonyms for execute

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Synonyms for execute

to oversee the provision or execution of

to compel observance of

to begin and carry through to completion

to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

to perform according to one's artistic conception

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

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Synonyms for execute

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In the revision of the catechism, the Vatican eliminated the criterion the church had used for 1,700 years, which had permitted capital punishment for "grave or grievous crimes." That's the linchpin because any time a government executes it claims it's for a grave crime.
Although hanging and burning were the most popular methods for executing blacks in the United States before 1830, Espy's index reveals that criminal justice jurisdictions utilized a variety of other methods to execute blacks as well.
If an organism executes these instructions successfully, it moves down a spot on the hit list, staving off death a bit longer.
The Port of Jacksonville is a location that is ideal for any operation and we are postured and fully prepared to execute a mission when called upon.
If the person consents to the transfer, the decision on whether to execute the warrant should be taken within 10 days.
If the rebounder encounters pressure making the outlet pass, he should execute a moderately wide Rip Pivot with the non-pivot foot (leg) toward the defender.
The Titan Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary Titan System Corporation has been awarded a contract to design and execute complex, computer simulated war games for advanced tactical training of the U.S.
The rules established a safe harbor for these types of IRC section 1031 exchanges and offered guidance to CPAs on how to execute them.
Presently, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas use lethal injection to execute prisoners.
ASM 274.31 (a) notes that "a Postal Inspector acting diligently and without avoidable delay, upon reasonable suspicion, for a brief period of time [may detain a piece of mail] to assemble sufficient evidence to satisfy the probable-cause requirement for a search warrant, and to apply for, obtain, and execute the warrant." Therefore, reasonable suspicion must exist before the mail can be detained.
In addition, Iran continued to execute juvenile offenders - mostly for drug-related offenses - in violation of international law, Amnesty said in its report.
"Key to the deployed team's ability to execute its mission is to be trained and ready," said Gitto.
If an extra defender is at the landmark (this usually indicates a numbers advantage in the box), the QB will fake the sprint and execute the called running play (Diag.
The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "Daash executed three doctors, who are working in the health of Nineveh as sociologists in general surgery and internal medicine in the health of Nineveh." The source added that "the doctors were executed by firing a Bullet in the head after the so-called Sharia court in Badush, western Mosul, issued the decision to execute them" noting that "the bodies of the female doctors were handed over to the Forensic Medicine in Mosul" ./ End