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a performer (usually of musical works)

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A melody can, in effect, express a sentiment of joy or of sadness, of grace or of force, of vivacity or of meditation, and the executant must later take this into account in his playing.
El Khalfi au nom du ministre des Affaires etrangeres et de la cooperation, les artistes interpretes ou executants jouissent du droit exclusif d'autoriser, en ce qui concerne leurs interpretations ou executions en termes de la radiodiffusion et de communication au public de leurs interpretations ou executions non fixees, sauf lorsque l'interpretation ou execution est deja une interpretation ou execution radiodiffusee
In fact, not just here but throughout the festival, on either side of the footlights, everyone seemed to be having a grand good time--and Agler, chairman Paul Hennessy and all its many planners, movers, shakers and executants deserve resonant bravissimi for a splendid new home and the vintage season it showcased.
Like other virtuosi, Boccherini composed his sonatas as vehicles For his own performance, and as Le Guin alertly notes, the association of particular pieces with their executants was especially strong in opera: Charles Burney, in the 1780s, was still identifying arias in Handel's operas as "for Cuzzoni" or "for Faustina," although those famous singers of the 1720s had long since left the stage.
Ce qui, une fois encore, ne signifie aucunement dans notre propos que les executants doivent echapper a toute sanction, loin s'en faut.
Les jeunes constituent a la fois les organisateurs des spectacles de musique folklorique, une partie des << executants >> et une grande partie du public.
Will he limit the role of his daily cooperators to that of simple executants, who cannot turn their own experience to account as they would like, and who remain wholly passive with regard to the decisions which govern their own activity?
She felt that traditional schooling did little to foster learner autonomy, but rather produced students she referred to in French as les executants (executors), as a result of the unreflective, mechanical manner in which they performed their assignments.
And Pavarotti, like 95 percent of executants, celebrates solely the past.
When so famous a conductor as Sir Thomas Beecham was reprehended by Britain's Musical Times for reviving Saint-Saens's "meretricious pieces" executants who lacked Beecham's popularity and egotism had little incentive to spring to Saint-Saens's defense, and seldom found the outcome profitable if they did.
The tribunal was created by the Security Council in 1994, with the intent that it judge the "big fish" of the Rwandan genocide while the national courts deal with the masses of executants.
It comprises creative management plus executants and is subject to a continual interplay between two types of authority: the artistic and the organisational.
Dr Hadj Ahmed Seddik de l'universite d'Adrar a, dans son expose, mis en relief la danse d'Ahellil, a la faveur d'une etude semiologique, la cohesion du cercle forme par ses executants, qui traduit la beaute et la serenite de la spiritualite des textes chantes, dans une gestuelle cadencee au rythme des voix harmonieuses de la chorale orchestree par le chanteur.
Le texte doit egalement "stipuler explicitement que les militaires doivent se conformer aux normes incitant au respect des droits, de la dignite des personnes et de l'inviolabilite des biens publics et prives", ajoute le communique, ajoutant que le projet doit stipuler de meme " que les militaires se doivent de respecter le principe de proportionnalite lors de l'emission des ordres d'usage de la force et pendant leurs executions et que tout usage de la force excedant les moyens necessaires pour atteindre l'objectif legitime dans le cadre de l'Eetat de droit implique la responsabilite des donneurs d'ordres ou des executants selon chaque cas".
The late Sovereign provided a "large royal umbrella" that protected the Moroccan Jews against the genocidal persecution of Nazi Germany and its executants, by proxy, the Vichy government.