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a performer (usually of musical works)

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As she writes, "This is the spirit in which this work cautiously mixes, if I dare say, drop by drop, into the study of the keyboard and to the development of the muscular mechanism, theoretical notions the knowledge of which is indispensable to all careful executants in acquiring a rational 'craft.
13) Le Rapport final de l'examen des normes du travail federales, depose en 2006, recommande aussi que des travailleurs executant des fonctions similaires a celles qu'accomplissent des employes sans en avoir le statut, puissent jouir d'une meilleure accessibilite aux normes minimales de travail, par des definitions des notions d'employe et de travailleur autonome etablies par reglement et periodiquement reexaminees (Arthurs 2006 : 65-9).
However, I find it difficult to believe that the executant was Eusebio da San Giorgio and rather see the panels as later works by Pintoricchio himself, in a meticulous but backward-looking mode, perhaps post-dating the Siena period represented so well in the exhibition by the tondo of the Holy Family from the Pinacoteca there.
En substance, Elo n'affiche aucun complexe en executant, pour le compte du menage, certaines taches domestiques qui, dans son pays en Afrique, sont reservees exclusivement aux femmes (Lopes 1971 : 21).
Again Foucault characterises this strategy memorably, writing of Mallarme that he "was constantly effacing himself from his own language, to the point of not wishing to figure in it except as an executant in a pure ceremony of the Book in which the discourse would compose itself" ([1966]1970: 306).
Hotter's non-German repertoire included much Verdi and Puccini, in which he discovered--as many another executant finds--that playing villains allowed him to work off all of what few aggressive impulses he harbored.
With vibrant tone and idiomatic authority, Batiashvili proved a committed and compelling executant, highlighting the works lyricism, even if sometimes at the expense of the concerto's tarter moments.
Les images favorables a Zola prenaient souvent la forme d'allegories, comme par exemple Saint-Georges terrassant le dragon, ou alors blanchisseur executant une lessive patriotique.
ca [l'ordinateur] donne de la puissance a ce que tu es d'avance, si t'es quelqu'un qui pense, qui a une philosophie que l'eleve c'est un executant, qui fait des exercices, bien y en a des exerciseurs qui peuvent les rendre encore plus captifs qu'avant .
Lefohn, a 1995 UO graduate, is the William Evans executant lecturer in violin and viola at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.
Un chant sera considere comme bon et non comme beau; un chanteur ou un executant sera presque toujours celui qui chante bien, entendons ici, celui qui chante efficacement.
It is taste that makes the composer catch the ideas of the poet; it is taste which makes the executant catch the ideas of the composer" (le Huray 90).
In her chapter on Roman medals, Montagu examines drawings in relation to her select papal medals by the Hamerani family, convincingly identifying cases where the designer is also the executant.
16 Leplastrier considers Broadfield as a collaborator rather than simply executant and has a high regard for his 'impeccable standards and integrity'.
In fact one of the most famous composers of ballads (and of other colloquial verse), Mustafa Ibrahim Ajaj, was not himself an executant.