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capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

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The Universal Identifier is a specific implementation of one aspect the executable paper-an ID resolution system for results.
Such database text services as Nexus or Lexus present no virus dangers because they provide only read-only, not executable, files.
The balance, says Mizen, is in fact comprised of reprints of already-traded turnover with 72% of executable liquidity being traded on the lit order book of an exchange or multilateral trading facility (MTF).
EnCase Enterprise, powered by Bit9, solves the increasingly complex problems of keeping file hash libraries and machine profiles up to date, and allowing users to recognize unknown executables, so they can zero in on relevant threats.
From that point forward, any executable that is not on this whitelist is deemed unauthorized and will never run or install.
Deep Freeze in combination with Anti-Executable provides a powerful and impenetrable defense against malware; Anti-Executable will prevent the installation of an unwanted executable, and Deep Freeze will rid the system of the executable.
The rise of electronic foreign exchange trading platforms that provide real-time, executable quotes and instantaneous, anonymous trade executions have created the necessary conditions for the development of robust automated trading strategies in spot FX," said Adam Sussman, Consultant, The Tabb Group.
Maple 10, Maplesoft's flagship product, is the most powerful and intuitive tool for solving complex mathematical problems and creating rich, executable technical documents.
today announced that its PC software for malicious code security blocks the new Microsoft Windows NT Trojan executable named WinNT.
Reuters Trading for Fixed Income allows price takers easy access to consolidated liquidity, currently offering them access to executable prices in over 15,000 instruments, including European Governments, US Treasuries, Corporates and Emerging Market debt, in 31 currencies across 30 countries.
For fast and easy policy management, GPAnywhere for SMS allows administrators to create and deliver executable Group Policy Objects (GPO) directly from the native SMS 2003 console.
The IP is shipped with the requisite testbenches and executable specifications in a format that requires only the open-source OSCI SystemC kernel for execution.
Regulatory Compliance, Log and Audit Capabilities - Enables administrators to log all users' requests for authorized or unauthorized executable files, as well as audit all administrator actions.