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Synonyms for execration

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for execration

hate coupled with disgust

an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group

the object of cursing or detestation

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With execrations not loud but deep I left him to live or die as he could, well satisfied that I had done my duty in attempting to save him - but forgetting how I had erred in bringing him into such a condition, and how insultingly my after-services had been offered - and sullenly prepared to meet the consequences if he should choose to say I had attempted to murder him - which I thought not unlikely, as it seemed probable he was actuated by such spiteful motives in so perseveringly refusing my assistance.
Some called for ladders, some for sledge-hammers; some ran with torches to and fro as if to seek them, and still came back and roared again; some spent their breath in impotent curses and execrations; some pressed forward with the ecstasy of madmen, and thus impeded the progress of those below; some among the boldest attempted to climb up by the water-spout and crevices in the wall; and all waved to and fro, in the darkness beneath, like a field of corn moved by an angry wind: and joined from time to time in one loud furious roar.
He left Chamonix as soon as he conveniently could after the descent; and as he had shown a chilly indifference about the calamity, and offered neither sympathy nor assistance to the widows and orphans, he carried with him the cordial execrations of the whole community.
Wonderful to state, the girls did their part; but Tom was in such a fury that he flew upon the table, scattered the bread and milk about the floor, struck his sisters, kicked the coals out of the coal-pan, attempted to overthrow the table and chairs, and seemed inclined to make a Douglas-larder of the whole contents of the room: but I seized upon him, and, sending Mary Ann to call her mamma, held him, in spite of kicks, blows, yells, and execrations, till Mrs.
That hysterical execration came not, of course, from any real analysis of the Supreme Court justice or his judicial career, but from the reminiscences of David Brock, to which Gartner linked on his Facebook page.
Until this wicked position, which is worse than the slavery of the ancient republics, or modern West Indies, shall be held up to the derision and contempt, the execration and horror, of mankind, it will be to little purpose to talk or write about liberty.
At similar trend, overall urinary, execration and water balance (ml/kg [W.sup.0.82]) were similar between goats and sheep and were higher (P<0.05) for those fed alfalfa hay vs.
and consulted little but the comfort of the higher orders." The box seats had been well furnished and provided with spacious "anti-chambers," while those who sat in the pit and gallery paid higher prices for seats that allowed them to "neither see nor hear." Hunt reports that "the people felt this immediately," and when the otherwise popular Charles Kemble took the stage to play Macbeth, he was "instantly drowned in a torrent of execration" that drove him from the stage and continued "with an energy truly terrific the whole evening." (16)
There was no ritual consecration; on the contrary, it was an act of execration which turned Him into a curse (Galatians 3: 13; Deuteronomy 21: 22).
A magnificent male specimen of charismatic mega-fauna is shot and killed and the public erupts in howls of execration. "Widespread expressions of outrage," to borrow from Tovar Cerulli's words from last month, ensue.
It has been known from very early times, and from the earliest times the tax-gatherer has been an object of public fear, hatred, and execration. Taxation was originally a contribution levied from people generally to defray the major common expenses of the State, namely defence and the maintenance of law and order, but not only have the public purposes for which taxation is levied widened to include public health, education, housing, town planning, social services, subsidies to industries, and many other purposes, but taxation is now even in nominally liberal-democratic countries the major weapon of class-warfare, designed to rob some people of their earnings and property in the interest of 'redistribution of wealth'.
The execration texts do not mention any cities north of Ullaza, near modern Tripoli.
Early modern theatre has a particular affinity for performances of curses such that, as Quiring contends, "the ritual of execration might be seen as a dark precursor of theater itself" (14).
The curse itself is theatrical; it performs: "[t]he ritual of execration might be seen as a dark precursor of theater itself' (Quiring, 2014: 14).