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Synonyms for execrable

Synonyms for execrable

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

Synonyms for execrable

of very poor quality or condition

unequivocally detestable

deserving a curse


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"Peste, I will do nothing of the kind; the moment they come from government you would find them execrable. Besides, that does not concern the home but the financial department.
That, however, will surprise you the less when I pause to declare that I have paid as much as four shillings and sixpence for half a loaf of execrable bread; that my mate and I, between us, seldom took more than a few pennyweights of gold-dust in any one day; and never once struck pick into nugget, big or little, though we had the mortification of inspecting the "mammoth masses" of which we found the papers full on landing, and which had brought the gold-fever to its height during our very voyage.
SWS classifies net trust ratings of +70 and above, as "excellent" +50 to +69, "very good" +30 to +49, "good" +10 to +29, "moderate" +9 to -9, "neutral" -10 to -29, "poor" -30 to -49, "bad" -50 to -69, "very bad" -70 and below, "execrable.
DAME ASARAH CONNOLLY / ANDREW STAPLES / BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS / SIR ANDREW DAVIS ELGAR: THE MUSIC MAKERS / THE SPIRIT OF ENGLAND HHHHH Elgar wrote some great choral works but often showed execrable taste when choosing texts.
In the survey, a +70 rating and above is 'excellent', +50 to +69 is 'very good', +30 to +49 is 'good', +10 to +29 is 'moderate', +9 to -9 is 'neutral', -10 to -29 is 'poor', -30 to -49 is 'bad', -50 to -69 is 'very bad', and -70 and below is 'execrable'.
However, it's a welcome return to form for Cruise after the execrable action horror The Mummy, and American Made lifted a reasonable PS102million from the global box office on a PS37m budget.
And tonight, the execrable Tony Blair is still on course to become the first president of a United States of Europe.
Similarly, he's always banged on about being an all-round entertainer, but his nose for publicity has led him to return with singles like the execrable but hugely controversial Party Like A Russian when its parent album is packed to bursting with blatantly superior material.
Enfin le club du president Jean-Michel Aulas souligne que lors de l'OM-OL joue il y a presque un an, dans un contexte execrable, [beaucoup moins que] aucun reproche n'avait ete adresse a l'OL.
Net satisfaction ratings of +70 and above is classified by SWS as "excellent;" +50 to +69, "very good;" +30 to +49, "good;" +10 to +29, "moderate;" +9 to -9, "neutral;" -10 to -29, "poor;" -30 to -49, "bad;" -50 to -69, "very bad;" and -70 and below, "execrable."
The description certainly fit an execrable batting display, a series of lazy shots, incompetent running and dreadful decision-making culminating in 88 all out with 14 balls left unbowled.
Anne John-stone, 62, who is being treated for leukaemia at the Beatson, says: "The treatment here is fantastic but the food is execrable."
Au cours de cette audience, Sa Majeste le Roi, que Dieu l'assiste, leur a reitere Ses sentiments de compassion et Son empathie a l'egard de leurs souffrances, tant a cause de l'exploitation execrable dont leurs enfants ont ete victimes, qu'en raison de la liberation de l'individu concerne et de son impact psychologique sur eux, souligne le communique.