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Synonyms for excusable

Synonyms for excusable

admitting of forgiveness or pardon

capable of being justified

Synonyms for excusable

capable of being overlooked


easily excused or forgiven

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For example, if the debtor did not list the creditor in the debtor's Schedules, and the creditor did not find out about the bankruptcy filing until after the bar date for filing claims, its late filing may be excused under the doctrine of excusable neglect.
Less excusable, at times, was Freddie Starr's arrogance and sometime lack of manners - as evidenced when I witnessed him throwing a public tantrum in a Birmingham hotel when he hadn't been brought a freshly-squeezed orange juice as requested.
The Commissioner determined that a default judgment will not be disturbed unless the failure to answer or otherwise appear and defend was excusable under the circumstances and unless the defendant has a meritorious defense, either to the cause of action itself, or to the quantum of damages.
On this 'excusable as of right' list are medical practitioners, dentists, nurses, midwives, veterinary surgeons and pharmaceutical chemists.
The interesting mix of their Punjabi and English makes it hard to understand what they are up to that is obviously excusable keeping their upbringing in mind but is still funny.
"If there are excusable delays that could be avoided, please give us a notice in advance to prevent the delays, excusable or not," he said.
To 'err is human' and excusable if realized and rectified, depending on the magnitude of the mistake but it is a round-the-clock vicious circle of a world of difference between words and deeds with only a fraction of doers say what they mean and mean what they say as a ray of hope.
Anti-semitism is never acceptable nor excusable. It's a shame that some of our elected representatives still seem to prioritise political expediency over tackling racism.
Of course, some delays are outside of the contractor's control and are, therefore, excusable.<br />A common example of this kind of delay is when the contractor is confronted with abnormal weather conditions the proverbial "act of God." When it comes to labor issues, however, only conditions that were truly unforeseeable at the time of contracting, such as a surprising labor strike, will be deemed "excusable." But delays caused by foreseeable labor problems, such as the current labor shortage, are within the contractor's control and therefore deemed "inexcusable."<br />Damages for delay often take the form of liquidated damages.
It said that "commencement of discovery" means the date when discovery should commence under Rule 26 of the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure, which is no later than 30 days from the initial due date for an answer.<br />However, the Court of Appeals remanded the case for fact finding on the issue of excusable neglect in light of the court's findings that the statute is ambiguous.<br />The opinion, Firkus v.
Villa have won ten of their last 12 league games and the two blips were excusable, losing 2-0 at Fulham and drawing 1-1 with Preston when missing Jack Grealish and Albert Adomah.
Secretive expenditure is excusable for the Military and the National Intelligence Service - and only in extraordinary circumstances such as flashpoints in the war on terror.
The First DCA panel's per curiam opinion noted that such judgments and deadlines can be set aside under the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure if there has been a "mistake, inadvertence, surprise, or excusable neglect." It went on to note that, "Excusable neglect is found 'where inaction results from clerical or secretarial error, reasonable misunderstanding, a system gone awry, or any other of the foibles to which human nature is heir.' Elliott v.