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clearing of guilt or blame

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Withholding these exculpatory assessments, which contradicted the violent "domestic terrorist" image the prosecution painted of the Bundys, seriously violated the Brady rule.
The Supreme Court has not decided whether plea bargaining defendants have a general right to discovery of exculpatory evidence.
He said: "There is literally a shedload of documents in this case of an exculpatory nature, all of the documents in Patrick Murphy's shed, many written by Patrick Murphy.
May 7, 2008), (18) the operating agreement included the following exculpatory language that the court determined waived any fiduciary duties:
Although unlikely, it is not impossible to conceive that there could be exculpatory results.
15) Part IV critically evaluates the Fourth Circuit's decision, discusses its potential effects, and analyzes the utility of exculpatory provisions in limiting director liability.
Under Lebanese law, if you acted because of the encouragement of an agent provocateur, that is exculpatory and a legitimate self-defence," Azoury said in explaining Samaha's testimony.
The videos are considered potentially exculpatory evidence that would have to be handed over to defense lawyers if they requested it before a trial.
Finally, exculpatory clauses allow parties to contract out of the comparatively expensive legal system of dispute resolution in favor of a regime governed by informal social norms.
Loughnan, both exculpatory and non-exculpatory mental incapacity doctrines function to distinguish individuals on the basis of their difference from others.
Supreme Court held that prosecutors could not withhold material exculpatory evidence from the defense.
org, for instance, recently raised questions about his response to five abuse cases in Argentina, while his comments in a recent Italian interview claiming that the church has been unfairly singled out for its record on child abuse reminded some observers of the exculpatory rhetoric employed by church officials at the onset of the crisis.
The defendant claimed the prosecutor had committed a Brady violation--where a prosecutor fails to disclose known exculpatory or helpful information to the defense.
A Brady violation occurs when the prosecution withholds exculpatory evidence that could declare the defendant's innocence.
The adjourning was till the hearing of 25th September to listen to the rest of the exculpatory witnesses.