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Synonyms for exculpation

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

Synonyms for exculpation

a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.

the act of freeing from guilt or blame

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[T]here should be no exculpation of a defendant who, although a member of the market producing DES for pregnancy use, appears not lo have caused a particular plaintiff's injury....
Association of Blame and Exculpation of Blame for 9/11, at the Paragraph Level (NYT A1, USAT A1, and All NBC).
His office then arranged a Pardons Board hearing to this end, resulting in Anwar's exculpation and immediate release from his five-year prison term on Wednesday.
One of her lawyers, Alexander Padilla, said the DOJ's exculpation of the drug lords was part of a 'deal' to convince some of them to testify against her.
Pakistan managed a last-minute exculpation at the Paris conference as participants did not reach consensus on American wish list of placing it on global list of countries that finance terrorism.
species of implicit exculpation of employer-regarding decisions,
The study individually considers the analytical elements common to both the responsibility and liability regimes, namely the objective element, the subjective element, accountability involving more than one state, exculpation, consequences, invocation, and implementation/enforcement.
(22) The constitutional analysis of parenthood should similarly adapt to new empirical data and evolving social norms against the exculpation of intrafamilial harms.
Cases involving the duty of care receive very deferential review under the business judgment rule (5)--if any at all, in light of exculpation provisions in corporate charters (6)--while cases involving the duty of loyalty receive more demanding review under the entire fairness test.
Such exculpation does not impress Cesarani, who makes very few references to anything positive in Disraeli's relationship to Judaism.
Although the extent to which exculpatory provisions offered greater protection to directors was subject to much speculation and debate, many states soon followed suit, implementing their own statutes authorizing the exculpation of corporate directors.
Proponents of retaining the objective standard have been adamant that there should be no exculpation from liability for the mentally disabled; they have not, however, suggested why a plaintiff should always prevail against them.
For Kyd's Hieronimo and Shakespeare's Hamlet, the pursuit of vengeance is also a confrontation with original sin and hence with their own implication in the crimes they would redress; for Middleton's Vindice, the unavailability of "confessional exculpation" transforms his own "self-disclosures" into compulsive and sadistic "delight" (8991).