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Synonyms for exculpate

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

Synonyms for exculpate

pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

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On the other hand, there is an enormous temptation for liars to jump aboard a generous gravy train, or sometimes to invent allegations to settle old scores against fellow criminals, whilst exculpating their own friends.
Kostov, Chair of Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB), threatened GERB leader and Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, with alarming the European People Party (EPP) about Borisov's statements, exculpating Communist regime in Bulgaria.
However, a stolen book is a stolen book, no matter how sincere an act of homage the theft was, and we don't deal in stolen books" "We thought there was an irresistible symmetry in exculpating Pinter's guilt by sponsoring some of her work," Mr Maggs said.
There is no exculpating the undoubtedly unpleasant Shah, but why have the usually judgmental and moralistic Left ignored his far more unpleasant Islamo-fascist successors as the dictators of Iran?
president Ronald Reagan--when he shows empathy with defeated Waffen SS members, and in doing so suppresses their horrendous crimes and vast number of victims, essentially exculpating them (167).
One of the many achievements of this novel, with its mixture of toughness and generosity, is its ability to inhabit and roundly humanize Kovacs without exculpating or falsely ennobling him.
It is, at the same time, precisely this lack of content that allows the author to maintain that "the interminable state [of scarcity] is ultimately traceable to moral failure" (188; see also 200), a sort of Kafkian presumption of guilt for indeterminate offenses committed by indeterminate defendants that does not admit of any exculpating evidence.
The exculpatory statute permits corporations to limit or eliminate directors' personal liability for either negligent or grossly negligent conduct by explicitly exculpating them in the corporation's certificate of incorporation.
My wife and children have no involvement in the matter," he said, exculpating his close associates as well.
This wasn't a fair and proper investigation and they have never dealt with any exculpating evidence.
The Church's own exculpating fiction that the Pope lent a guiding hand to the many local initiatives to rescue Jews, including those of Italian priests and other Church officials who hid them in Rome itself, is for Goldhagen yet further proof of the Church's duplicity and complicity.
This allied to a weakness for exculpating determinisms initiates a hunt for systems and interest groups to blame and condemn.
The idea of mental illness, as psychiatric critic Thomas Szasz has long noted, is primarily used in our culture for either imprisoning the innocent (for treatment in mental hospitals) or exculpating the guilty (through the insanity defense).
O]rdinarily the third-party confession is thought of in terms of exculpating the accused, but this is by no means always or necessarily the case: it may include statements implicating him, and under the general theory of declarations against interest they would be admissible as related statements.