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Synonyms for exculpate

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

Synonyms for exculpate

pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

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Because Section 141(e) of the DGCL encourages directors to rely on advice from experts, the court held there are "sound reasons" why the legislature might wish to exculpate directors, but not experts advising the board.
firms studied do not fully waive or exculpate liability arising from the
However, to the killer's undeserved rescue comes, among others, a noncritical-thinking Post columnist, Petula Dvorak, who, in just one irresponsible column ("Grandmother's Arrest More Proof of Mental-Health Care's Stigma Among Immigrants") exculpates the murderer of the baby, Virginia Tech killer Seung Hui Cho, and potentially any other murderer who acts abnormally before or after such an act.
1)This final scene at once exculpates and condemns the protagonist, placing him impossibly between the victims of Nazi crimes and complicity in a far broader nexus of guilt.
The play exculpates Effie and condemns Ruskin exclusively within current understanding of Victorian terms" (94).
In accordance with Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3020(c)(1), ALL PARTIES IN INTEREST ARE HEREBY PLACED ON NOTICE THAT THE PLAN ENJOINS CERTAIN CONDUCT AND EXCULPATES CERTAIN PERSONS, the details of which are set forth in the Sections 9.
The antiprelatical tracts exploit this image as an ethical proof, but it is nonetheless startlingly anomalous in its pride, swollen with arrogance, which Fallon exculpates partly on the grounds of Milton's actual talent.
Relating this legal significance to Philip Sidney's use of the classical topos of tool abuse in his revising of the Old Arcadia, Wilson sees in this revision a process of displacing "premeditation, and even literary agency, in a way that exculpates the author.
It has become critical commonplace to accept that The Merchant harshly critiques Christian Venice and largely exculpates Shylock, turning the defeated money-lender into the hero of the play.
7) Likewise, a clause in a fee agreement that exculpates or limits the liability of an attorney for his own negligence to avoid a claim for legal malpractice is prohibited.
Public policy generally does not discourage entering into an agreement that exculpates one from the consequence of his or her own negligence.
Thrusting the primary blame on his parents exculpates George's conduct, which was not untypical of the family; but it must also be said that he took full advantage of his great opportunities for self-indulgence and that his actions had more public consequence than those of his siblings, save only his successor William IV and Ernest, who became King of Hanover in 1837.
Anyway, the sole eulogist at the funeral is a black colleague from Athena College, who cries mea culpa -- he did not rise to Silk's defense when they accused Silk of racism -- and exculpates the censored academic from the grave.
Our culture has forgotten so many things or, perhaps, remembered them in a way that distorts and exculpates.
This neither exculpates Bin Laden from the responsibility for other's acts nor suggests he is innocent of the charges against him.