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Synonyms for exculpate

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

Synonyms for exculpate

pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

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At the same time, the prosecutor said that the admission made by a shop helper that Abrigo had no hand in the preparation of the poisonous concoction essentially exculpates respondent.
Before turning to the merits of the sale process, the court considered whether Rural Metro's exculpatory charter provision --modeled after Section 102(b)(7) of the DGCL, which exculpates directors from liability for breaches of the fiduciary duty of care--precludes liability for aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty.
Lutz does not claim to offer a comprehensive treatment of the dialogue, and his argument that the primary purpose of the Laws is to reveal the ability of the political philosopher to interpret divine law exculpates him, to a certain extent, from this complaint.
He added: "This report exculpates the two accused parties.
His column today on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by no means exculpates or excuses Israel, but it does focus almost exclusively on the need for Palestinians to take meaningful action.
The bloody trajectory from colonization to the ravages of decolonization would therefore seem to deserve more attention in this summary chapter; instead, Adam advances, it seems to this reviewer, an "essentialist" analysis that inadvertently exculpates these abhorrent acts as "human," occurring across all ideologies and economic systems.
However, to the killer's undeserved rescue comes, among others, a noncritical-thinking Post columnist, Petula Dvorak, who, in just one irresponsible column ("Grandmother's Arrest More Proof of Mental-Health Care's Stigma Among Immigrants") exculpates the murderer of the baby, Virginia Tech killer Seung Hui Cho, and potentially any other murderer who acts abnormally before or after such an act.
It is a narrative that exculpates, as in Tolstoy's late works that seek to chart a movement from immoral living to religious conversion (Confession, "Father Sergius," Resurrection).
1)This final scene at once exculpates and condemns the protagonist, placing him impossibly between the victims of Nazi crimes and complicity in a far broader nexus of guilt.
Circuit listed as critical factors the materiality of the testimony and the unavailability of the witness to testify at trial and also noted that there is 'typically some showing, beyond unsubstantiated speculation, that the evidence exculpates the defendant.
The antiprelatical tracts exploit this image as an ethical proof, but it is nonetheless startlingly anomalous in its pride, swollen with arrogance, which Fallon exculpates partly on the grounds of Milton's actual talent.
Relating this legal significance to Philip Sidney's use of the classical topos of tool abuse in his revising of the Old Arcadia, Wilson sees in this revision a process of displacing "premeditation, and even literary agency, in a way that exculpates the author.