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  • verb

Synonyms for exculpate

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

Synonyms for exculpate

pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

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I do not forgive myself.' "This is in line with your despicable attempt to exculpate yourself by saying your mother had been the aggressor."
Because Section 141(e) of the DGCL encourages directors to rely on advice from experts, the court held there are "sound reasons" why the legislature might wish to exculpate directors, but not experts advising the board.
This should in no way exculpate the physical abuse committed by her employers abroad.
The minister is already under pressure from another lawmaker, Nabeel Al Fahdl, to exculpate himself from US charges of tolerating fundraising for terrorists in Syria.
He notes that his intention is not to justify or exculpate Aguirre but to "situate [him] in his larger historical context and rescue him from flat and static characterization" (4).
We see Britain being rushed into hysteria by those seeking to exculpate police inaction and, it must be said, a good few possibly leaping aboard the compensation gravy train.
The Government, rather than trying to exculpate themselves for any responsibility for the high and rising unemployment figures, should be and should have been responding to these factors - mitigating the effect, eg, by further quantitative easing, a pounds 50bn injection could be used to cover the pounds 44bn cost of this year's interest on government debt; pounds 2bn for defence; pounds 2bn on education support and pounds 2bn for affordable housing.
Practice guidelines are double-edged swords, as they may be used in some jurisdictions either to exculpate or inculpate, i.e., exonerating or implicating the doctor.
At the same time, Weir addresses the other meaning of alibi in these texts, that is, how these texts seek to exculpate their protagonists as well as the author himself in their revision of the romantic narrative at the heart of so many of Tolstoy's earlier (pre-conversion) works.
Cunningham reminds readers that personal choices are deeply influenced by the political context in which they occur, making it hard either to blame or exculpate Jim, his brother, or even the murderous sheriff Sam Gladson.
It clearly demonstrates the inadequacy of responses that try to exculpate the church from involvement ("it was the work of individuals who did not truly represent the church") but also shows the inadequacy of simply blaming religion, as if that in itself was an explanation of why things happened as they did.
"This is a film whose essential metaphorical thrust is to exculpate Nazi-era Germans from knowing complicity in the Final Solution," Contactmusic quoted Ron as writing in online magazine Slate.
Lazar-Moore said the defense had failed to establish "a reasonable possibility" that the lost evidence would have tended to exculpate Mr.
The former President also used the Promax platform to exculpate his candidate wife, Hillary, from the accusation now haunting her that she approved of the war in Iraq.