excretory product

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Trimethylselenonium ion as a general excretory product from selenium metabolism in the rat.
Assimilation efficiency of primary consumers is generally low and most of the material consumed is returned to the bottom sediment in the form of excretory products, which are colonized by bacteria, depleting the [delta][sup.
In the present study, many kinds of amino acids and nitrogen excretory products are found both in male urine and in female urine.
Rather, online invective endlessly recycles body parts, excretory products, and knee-jerk repulsiveness (like maggots).
Natural or manipulative field studies might use captive populations in seminatural enclosures or excretory products collected (by use of metabolic chambers) from wild-caught animals in mark-recapture studies; the success of these studies will depend on the development of assays for infectious virus.
Many higher animals metabolize PAHs to water-soluble excretory products and thus do not accumulate them.
Unless one organism uses the excretory products of another, the biologically crucial elements will be exhausted in 1, 2, or 3 hundred million years.