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In countries where most people are vaccinated against polio, a person excreting live viruses poses little danger, Martin says.
In response to the risk of this material providing cues to their presence, potential prey or hosts might develop behavioral responses that minimize this threat, such as excreting away from their normal activities or retaining excreta indefinitely until they can safely void them.
A THE mould problem could be caused by aphids attacking the new shoots, excreting honeydew and encouraging mould to grow on the lower leaves.
Birds excreting the resistant virus would spread the strain among other waterfowl at the same body of water.
Additional PCR testing of cloacal swab samples obtained sequentially from 19 young pigeons showed that while 4 were excreting virus when 15 days old, only one bird was excreting at the time of weaning (28 days old).
In particular, the compound promotes excreting poisonous metals including mercury and arsenic into the hair, helping alleviate physical disorders.