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  • verb

Synonyms for excoriate

to make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction

Synonyms for excoriate

express strong disapproval of

tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading

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Many of the high earners he excoriates, especially in public service, are devotees on the left of the political spectrum.
My esteemed colleague Brian Reade excoriates moustaches - grown in "Movember" for prostate cancer charity - as "the facial fingerprint of evil", citing Hitler, Stalin and KFC's Colonel Sanders.
In the tradition of the progressive historians, Franklin is a moralist who worries about a complacent view of "our progress." Like a latter day Jeremiah, he excoriates Americans for being "indifferent, insensitive, and uncaring." The new black bourgeoisie is singled out for special criticism: "I have come to regard most of these success stories as millionaire wastrels, spending their fortunes on huge mansions, and custom-built automobiles, with little thought for their fellows in the ghettos, from which many of them came....
This point is obvious to conservatives, but it is rare thinking on the left, and Berman excoriates leftist apologists for terror, such as Noam Chomsky.
The first writer, Declan Murphy, excoriates the opinions of the Channel 4 racing team, in particular that well-known defender of the punters' interest, John McCririck.
While he excoriates corporate boards for too often failing to adequately exercise their responsibilities of managerial oversight, he blames owners--institutional investors in particular--for not insisting "that managers operate not in their own interest, but in the interest of the owners.
In this issue, Nat Hentoff excoriates ACLU head Anthony Romero for at first defending the signing of a document saying he would not knowingly hire someone who is on the government's watch list of people who are supporters of terrorism.
Radio host Amy Goodman's Exception to the Rulers excoriates Bush, but mentions the environment only in the context of oil-company pollution in Nigeria.
The report excoriates the ANC for human rights abuses, particularly at its training camps.
But race is very much an issue in the campaign, as it has been in all city matters recently, and Koch is far more to blame for that dangerous state of affairs than the people he regularly excoriates. The big-city blues are not yet on TV, but the Mayor should worry what America will see if he keeps up his attacks.
Along with visuals featuring embarrassing quotes by Sony execs (including one where a Sony spokesperson called Nintendo's better-selling Wii "more of a novelty"), charts featuring the declining price of PS3s on eBay, and a store display in which an Xbox 360 is hidden behind a PS3 cut-out, the song excoriates Sony while praising competitors, especially the 360: "You make your console cost the most/You beat your chest and proudly boast/Despite no good exclusive games/You make a bunch of ridiculous claims."