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Synonyms for excommunication

the state of being excommunicated

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the act of banishing a member of a church from the communion of believers and the privileges of the church


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Conley who in November 2012 became bishop of the southeastern Nebraska diocese, 16 years after the excommunication, wrote in a Dec.
Hamula did not comment on his excommunication Tuesday, reports said.
I HAVE NO interest in the religious aspects of the row between Andreas Pitsillides -- one of the most striking specimens of the country's political demagoguery in the last few years -- and Archbishop Chrysostomos who sanctioned the absurd decision for the former's excommunication.
The ecclesiastical sanction of excommunication in the Catholic Church covers not only those who underwent or executed an abortion but also those who were actively involved in the act, according to Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Socrates Villegas.
Bishop Richard Williamson is planning to consecrate a new bishop Thursday in Brazil without Pope Francis' consent -- a church crime punishable by excommunication.
It is the first time a Pope used the word excommunication in direct reference to organised crime members.
GREG Reynolds of Melbourne, Australia, received a letter of excommunication for heresy and speaking publicly against church teachings, which referred to Reynolds' homilies supporting women's ordination that had been reported in Australia's newspaper The Age.
In a statement made by religious and social bodies in Majdal Shams town, people of Golan refuted the allegations of Zionist media outlets saying that they halted excommunication measures against the Syrians who accepted the Israeli IDs.
In 1591 Pope Gregory XIV threatened excommunication for anyone found gambling on identity of his successor.
Hours after President Aquino of the Philippines declared in September 2010 that he supported a reproductive health bill which would provide families with contraception for family planning, the Church threatened him with excommunication.
The spirited nun played a crucial role in exposing sexual abuse by an Irish Catholic priest, which led to her brief excommunication.
Manila A Catholic leader denied threatening President Benigno Aquino III with excommunication while at the same time admitting their "frustration" over the leader's push for artificial contraception.
The controversy that prompted the current volume was Pope Benedict XVI's lifting of the excommunication of four bishops of the Priestly Fraternity or Society of Saint Pius X--a lifting that caused an international uproar, not least because one of the bishops, Richard Williamson, is a "Holocaust denier.
EXCOMMUNICATION WAS ONCE CONSIDERED A PASSE feature of the ancient church, conjuring up images of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV walking barefoot in the snow in 1077 to Canossa to seek the mercy of Pope Gregory VII.
ENI--An international expert on church unity has urged the Roman Catholic Church to declare that its excommunication of Martin Luther no longer applies.