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Synonyms for excommunicate

Synonyms for excommunicate

exclude from a church or a religious community

oust or exclude from a group or membership by decree

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However, the hierarchy of the Catholic church in Mexico denounced the decision, with bishops threatening to excommunicate women who took the pills.
The Kirk court would meet in December and could excommunicate her if she is found guilty.
In March 2006, it was necessary for the bishop to formally excommunicate him.
Some say, "How is it that we excommunicate priests who stand for the expansion of women's roles in the church but we do not excommunicate pedophile priests who abuse children?
With this decree, the congregation will excommunicate both the ordaining bishop and the ordained woman priest.
Augustine Di Noia, undersecretary of the congregation, said the decree makes clear that the people directly involved in ordinations excommunicate themselves automatically; it is not a penalty imposed by the local bishop or the universal church.
He chooses now to say he would consider refusing communion to the Prime Minister, and possibly excommunicate him.
It has successfully moved an arrogant, ornery bishop to excommunicate its members in Lincoln, Neb.
It then attacks Calgary Bishop Fred Henry for his "fixation" with "same-sex marriage and abortion," denounces American bishops for "threatening to excommunicate Senator John Kerry" on the sole grounds that he is 'pro-choice,' and quotes the Catholic lesbian feminist Mary Hunt as saying that "this tactic" is "demeaning, narrow and myopic.