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Synonyms for exclude

Synonyms for exclude

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

Synonyms for exclude

prevent from being included or considered or accepted

lack or fail to include

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prevent from entering

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TURN DOWN AND SWITCH OFF The research also showed over half of people believe that using a draught excluder helps us save money, but only two-fifths realise only filling up the kettle with as much water as you need also helps.
These criteria were considered in assessing the utility of sponge crab excluders as a means to protect blue crab broodstock in North Carolina waters.
Self-adhesive foam strips of draught excluder are inexpensive and easy to fix and suitable for casement windows and interior doors.
We've been selling a lot more draught excluders, especially since we started offering a bespoke service so customers can order them to fit, i.
INSTALLATION DIFFICULTY: BEGINNER ENERGY SAVING: pounds 35 A YEAR Internal door draught excluders A lot of the internal doors of Christine and John's home had large gaps beneath them.
Draught excluders conserve energy and can reduce heat loss by 10 to 20% for a small investment of time and money.
Fill any gaps, making sure the glazing is secure, and perhaps fit draft excluders.
net) also create cosy tartan gifts - cushions, throws and draft excluders - ideal to brighten up a room while keeping you warm.
If you don't have draft excluders, double glazing or loft insulation, then you could also benefit from their free advice.
There's a wide range of draught excluders on the market.
1) Most of these excluders put a size selection panel across the trawl a short distance ahead of the codend.
In a similar way, brush draught excluders around exterior doorframes can be effective at keeping the cold out, as can a brush strip fixed to the bottom of the door - just cut it to fit and screw it in place.
Activities include a Star Wars-themed workshop making finger puppets, bird houses and draft excluders, a mini Olympics, a 'make your own bird' workshop, den-building and obstacle courses.