exclamation point

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a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation

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Start by evoking the Find and Replace function with Ctrl+E Click on the Find tab and in the Find What box, type a left-hand bracket (1) or an exclamation point (t) and click on the Find Next button.
Radical Innovation explains and details the steps and the methods that are involved in creating a significant change; the authors are truly methodical; this is not a text that is heavy on the cliche followed by an exclamation point.
It's a rhetorical never-never land where the exclamation point is king and nuance an outcast.
The new trademark is a yellow exclamation point in a bull's eye, centered with planet Earth.
But today's designation by the National Park Service puts an exclamation point on what all of us have been saying for years: If you want to take in some of Mother Nature's most amazing handiwork, look no further than our own backyard.
Manning and his Indianapolis Colts are Super Bowl champions now, their 29-17 victory over the Chicago Bears on a very wet Sunday night in South Florida finally adding the exclamation point to their team, to his career.
It's as though he had placed an exclamation point after every sentence; eventually, it loses its force.
This stylish exclamation point on the traditional tuxedo is one of the hottest trends developing in the United States for fashion- forward men.
E[acute accent]Note to Editors: There should be an inverted exclamation point before the "C" in "Capital
Neither the drama nor the energy is successfully sustained, though the brilliantly staged finale feels like an exclamation point at the end of the whole draining experience.
In a painful exclamation point to the story of her death, Diana was buried with rosary beads given her by Mother Teresa, who also worked to destigmatize AIDS and who died September 5.
It also provides an exclamation point to our company's 100th Year Anniversary
He put an exclamation point on the Stanford victory with an alley-oop dunk on a pass from Mitch Johnson.
QCSI is grateful for the recognition we have received from industry organizations and leading research companies; it adds an exclamation point to the accomplishments that we and our customers are experiencing in the marketplace," said Dave Engert, CEO of QCSI.