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in an exciting manner


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Even more excitingly for writer Fred Barron - the creator of My Family, dontcha know - he's managed to sell it to America already.
Outstanding among them were Irina Krikunova as a well acted Tatyana with a thrilling voice and the young tenor Sergei Muntyan whose weedy and somewhat childish Lensky fielded a beautiful and, at times, excitingly powerful voice.
AMAZING scenes yesterday as Sky TV broadcast what they excitingly described as the first live TV feed from inside the new Scottish Parliament building.
Perhaps when he emerges from jail he should be encouraged to set up the enterprise properly and so provide much needed rural employment and an excitingly new brand of the golden precious hard stuff.
6, an intriguingly scored tone poem lasting nearly 25 minutes, is full of contrast and excitingly charged rhythms, with several good tunes too.
Better still, in terms of arresting themes, rhythmic interest and tight construction, is the Piano Trio, Op 3, the most compelling and excitingly driven work on the disc.
We knew Goran was from Croatian - not because of his accent, which veered excitingly between Paris and Poland - but because he kept saying things like "in Croatia, you learn to enjoy the moment".
Swensen effected a gratifying tautness of structure, and orchestral highlights emerged naturally and excitingly.
Its stunning decor includes excitingly curved walls, a unique wave-like bar, coral effect walls and retro designer furniture.
With Andrew Constantine at the helm the London Concert Orchestra gave lovingly detailed accounts of all the pot-boilers (including a finely-sculpted, high octane Finlandia) and sympathetic support to soloist Min-Jin, an excitingly talented young violinist actually quite capable of holding her own.
Their swoop for Carbone is a clear sign that they will do all they can to preserve their Premiership status, which they excitingly kept against Liverpool on the season's last day.
Their reading here was one of excitingly spontaneous interaction between Alsop and her players (fluttering woodwind solos a joy in the Waltz); we almost got the chilling tam-tam overhang at the end.
A scantily-dressed blonde pouts sexily from the screen, surrounded by excitingly exotic symbols.
Earlier, Fischer and his orchestra had obviously enjoyed accompanying urbane soloist Richard Goode in an excitingly convincing reading of Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto.
Most resonantly, Scott Reid's Scott (tracksuited and with a sense of humour as vivid as his temper) and churchgoing elderly businesspeople George and Jean clash over his song for the group, an excitingly political rap about working in a sports shop on a zero hours contract.