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Synonyms for exciting

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creating or arousing excitement

stimulating interest and discussion

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He was able to tell Orange how to build exciting and profitable cell phone content sites without going through several years of experimentation.
Orange was duly impressed and went on to offer other more exciting projects
Where Ohnuma is taking Ubit is as exciting as its rise to its present position.
The Convention and Visitors Bureau of each respective city sought to provide a sampling of the best shopping restaurants golf and spa resorts, and exciting activities for your family to enjoy.
Exciting Activities for kids: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Evan Rudowski, Excite UK's General Manager added, "beenz is an exciting young company with a compelling loyalty model.
Burger King(R) Customers Will Be Eligible to Win Exciting Prizes
This marketing initiative marks a first for AOL Latin America and Burger King to jointly target important segments of their consumer markets using an exciting online promotional campaign.
We're thrilled to be able to include Excite's state-of-the-art Web search technology and industry leading Web site reviews as part of this exciting new offering.
Leveraging Excite@Home's broadband performance advantages, this new service offers @Home customers exciting real-time video content, the TeVeo Live(TM) webcam software and access to Teveo's webcam communities.
TeVeo's new service also provides Excite@Home's customers with an exciting community for sharing real time video with family, friends and other community members - from special moments and everyday events to educational and business purposes.
1998 has been a year of exciting growth and expansion for our company, and these relationships with Excite and Lycos will assist us in getting the word out to a vast but well-targeted Internet audience," said Srikant Srinivasan, president and CEO of BrainPlay.
We are excited to lend the Detour name to such an exciting event that will bridge together Hollywood and the digital world," said Ed Stein, Chairman of Detour Magazine Inc.
Alloy will leverage Excite@Home's global presence to reach new users, while at the same time, Exite@Home will be able to offer its Generation Y users exciting new content and shopping opportunities.
Excite@Home has been a constant leader in deploying next-generation technology to capture exciting new markets," said Stephan Bouchard, Play's vice president of business development.