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Synonyms for exciting

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creating or arousing excitement

stimulating interest and discussion

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Researches of Gilman show that in most of cases, differences are in abilities that called exciting intellect and are including: tolerance-motivation-stability and ability to motivate other ones.
We are glad to announce this exciting offer yet again for our travelers, to give them another reason for cheer at our duty free shops".
"I think fans and people in general that watch the game want to see positive football and even with Ashley and Stewart leaving we've still got lots of exciting footballers," he said.
1.d shows the frequencies in the interval 0-10000 Hz before the amplitude increase (occurrence of self-excitation) and indicates that there exist only exciting frequencies.
To be able to produce a form of it that has new properties is always exciting."
And now with the many options available for publishing their work, the project has become even more exciting."
"Professor Brown - working together with clinical trial groups, ethics committees and with support from Cancer Research UK - has carefully assembled tumor banks that will enable scientists in his lab, in collaboration with Orion, to find biomarkers for novel therapy selection and screening diagnostics and will expand Orion's exciting pipeline of diagnostic products.
4 OOGA BOOGA AND ANYTHING STORES Wendy Yao's Ooga Booga is the go-to store in Los Angeles's Chinatown for artists, collectors, and curators looking for the most exciting books, records, clothing, ephemera, and art editions of any given moment.
75 EXCITING VEGETABLES FOR YOUR GARDEN By Jack Staub with illustrations by Ellen Buchert
He was able to tell Orange how to build exciting and profitable cell phone content sites without going through several years of experimentation.
The Convention and Visitors Bureau of each respective city sought to provide a sampling of the best shopping restaurants golf and spa resorts, and exciting activities for your family to enjoy.
Terence Dickinson's fourth expanded, revised edition of THE UNIVERSE AND BEYOND (1552979016, $29.95) includes the latest astronomy findings with new images from the Hubble Space telescope and latest space probes as it attends to a visually exciting, yet easy scientific expose with lay readers in mind.
"Together, we will offer exciting new products to consumers and we'll enjoy a strong leadership position in the print music industry."
This "downtime" when the dentist is out of the treatment room is a wonderful time for the staff members to educate the patients on dental procedures and the exciting products such as Breath Rx, etc.