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Synonyms for exciting

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creating or arousing excitement

stimulating interest and discussion

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Exciting Activities for Kids: Cedar Point Amusement Park (Sandusky, 419-626-0830, cedarpoint.
Columbus' attractions range from a vibrant arts scene to one of the nation's largest universities to a renowned zoo, exciting sports, lively urban entertainment districts and fine restaurants.
Exciting Activities for Kids: Science Place--Fair Park (1318 Second Ave.
HEADS UP POKER(TM), an exciting new video game utilizing ground breaking artificial intelligence and visual effects to bring the next generation of interactivity to the video and poker player.
Russ McMeekin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mikohn stated; "This year's show is by far the most exciting offering of gaming products Mikohn has ever unveiled.
Consumers can access information about Rocky Boxing(TM), Stargate SG-1(TM), Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London(TM) and Pink Panther Freeze Tag(TM), as well as see what other exciting SkyZone Entertainment games are compatible with their handsets, at the SkyZone homepage located online at www.
an SK Group company, is an international mobile entertainment company that creates and delivers fun and exciting entertainment including brand name games and cutting-edge applications such as 3D games, mobile-enabled Web portals and live screens.
Burger King has been a leader in developing creative ways to reach its customer base and we are very excited to be joining them in this exciting program.
Inigo Zabala, President, Warner Music Latin America, said; "This is a very exciting opportunity for Warner Music Latin America.
Highlights of the period included record revenue, income, earnings and cash flow combined with several exciting operating achievements, which are outlined below.
During the third quarter of 2000 several exciting new corporate initiatives were undertaken as part of the Corporation's strategy to expand its prospect inventory of high impact frontier and foothills plays.
This new relationship with Excite@Home will introduce their users to the exciting world of real-time streaming.
1998 has been a year of exciting growth and expansion for our company, and these relationships with Excite and Lycos will assist us in getting the word out to a vast but well-targeted Internet audience," said Srikant Srinivasan, president and CEO of BrainPlay.
Janus is a very exciting resource company, and we will work very hard to develop this company as a new leader and pioneer of the resource industry.
Janus is in the process of securing some very unique and interesting resource properties and projects that have a very promising and exciting potential.