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Synonyms for excited

Synonyms for excited

feeling a very strong emotion

Synonyms for excited

(of persons) excessively affected by emotion

in an aroused state

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marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion

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A subsequent coroner's inquest determined that his death resulted from excited delirium.
Bush is very excited to be coming to Los Angeles and to be a part of the effort to recruit more quality teachers to the Los Angeles Unified School District,'' said Noelia Rodriguez, director of communications for the first lady.
Such a structure would prevent an excited atom embedded within it from spontaneously emitting a photon, in effect greatly prolonging the time an atom could spend in an excited state.
I'm very excited about the bilingual program,'' Weissenborn said about the program where children will learn in both Spanish and English.
Until Gole's persistence paid off, he says, scientists, despite trying many different approaches, had a long record of failure in their search for chemical reactions leading to molecules in excited states that would permit light amplification.