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Synonyms for excitation

intensity of feeling or reaction

Synonyms for excitation

the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up

the neural or electrical arousal of an organ or muscle or gland

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something that agitates and arouses

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The excitation wave spreading along epicardium in the area of the pulmonary veins ostia in the left atrium at 36-37[degrees]C and when cooling to 32[degrees]C was studied by the method of electrocardiochronotopography in rabbit of Chinchilla species, five months age.
Analitical Numerical Analitical Excitation solution solution solution force [Q10.
It does not use the somewhat formidable mathematical apparatus of the 1961 paper, and it offers insights which may still seem fresh even to those familiar with the subject matter (for example, Fano's observation of how a discrete state with zero excitation amplitude can cause the total excitation probability to vanish at its own energy).
Undulation in animals is clearly a result of asymmetrical nervous excitation of muscles, not of buckling," he says.
For this study, we obtained Roman spectra of unbleached and bleached kraft pulps using near-infrared laser excitation (1064 nm).
To measure the elastic properties of ductile iron, use the portable impulse excitation NDT technique SRF [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
All XRF instruments have an excitation source such as an x-ray tube or radioactive isotope.
Tuning of the excitation and detection frequencies, as well as mechanical and electrical balancing of the dual masses result in very low sensitivity to shock and vibrations.
System excitation and compliant device stiffness parameters were defined for steady and stable performance.
To investigate the optical properties of a silicon crystal, Petek and his team investigated the change in reflectivity after excitation with an intense laser pulse.
On the epicardium of pulmonary veins area at temperature reduction from 36[degrees]C to 33, C, change in the direction of excitation and essential reduction of depolarization time, and its significant increase under further cooling to 32[degrees]C were observed.
The authors include experimental techniques (including sources of high-power terahertz radiation), tunneling in terahertz fields, multiphoton excitation, saturation of absorption, electron gas heating, terahertz nonlinear optics, terahertz radiation induced currents, and Bloch oscillations.
The NIST force laboratory maintains its own strain gauge excitation and voltage-ratio measuring instruments for use in calibrating load cells that are not accompanied by customer supplied indicating instruments.
Fluorescence attachment for an Olympus BX53 microscope with manual controls, including light source and filter cubes for UV excitation, blue excitation, GFP and mCherry.
Auxiliary ports are in the sample area for addition of HV leads for electrical excitation, auxiliary sample by x-ray sources or conventional lasers, and output to diverse and even fiber connected spectrometers for subsequent analysis.