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Synonyms for excitable

Synonyms for excitable

easily excited


capable of responding to stimuli


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One of the characteristic features of excitable media is the spontaneous formation of spiral wave.
You know, I'm quite a hyperactive, excitable kind of person so it was a matter of really taking away my own natural energy and sort of subduing that to give some sense of pathos and depth," Contactmusic quoted him as telling BANG Showbiz.
Sunday, February 6; Miles: 32; Matches: 2 (1 on TV); Healthy meals: 2 7am: Awake to find excitable children bouncing on my head.
You nearly killed me, Richard," said the always excitable Tonioli.
On May 16, mustering support for President Bush's proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, The O'Reilly Factor's excitable host advanced his theory of why some Americans are wimping out on militarizing the border.
The excitable manager apparently ordered reliever Sean Tracey to hit the Texas Rangers' Hank Blalock with a pitch after A.
Examining overly excitable children, the type of gift granted to each child, working with the school system, dealing with perfectionist children, being a positive role model, building a child's character, and helping kids achieve their set goals and dreams, Parenting Gifted Kids is very highly recommended reading, especially to all new parents of a gifted child.
The Barfly crowd ranged from excitable teenagers to middle-aged indie stalwarts, all anticipating a grandiose performance full of sweeping sentiment and rapturous melodies.
Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By is a fascinating tale which carries the reader through the depiction of a cherished lifemates death, recovery, and the overcoming of other resulting misfortunes as Jamie, Kitty's daughter, becomes evermore the excitable child she once was when once again she learns how to ride horseback.
Songs like Louis XIV and Illegal Tender make features out of singer and guitarist Jason Hill's excitable vocals and his lyrical preconceptions with girls.
I think a lot of white people expect folks to walk in the door, and they don't want to see or talk about their color," says Marlene Jones, a practitioner and teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in northern California, adding that "race is such an excitable issue, and a big part of racism is not wanting to see people for who they are.
His witty, excitable Violet Hour character, Gidger--who provides a foil for the driven young publisher played by Robert Sean Leonard--is probably gay too.
Newborns exposed to nicotine in the uterus are more excitable and have abnormally tense muscles.
Meanwhile, an enthusiastic, excitable teacher helps her develop her artistic talent; she starts to make other friends at school; and she reaches out to her stepfather, by inviting him to share art that is meaningful to her.
The excitable tone of Abstract Expressionism, of course, is not Litzmann's aim; contemplative and quiet, his art has a machinist post-Minimal cool.