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This case series involves study of 8 patients who underwent keystone flap for axillary defect following wide excision of skin with hidradenitis suppurativa from 2013 to 2015.
Conclusion: Primary ligation of the artery with excision of infected pseudoaneurysm and necrotic material was found the optimal initial management for infected pseudoaneurysm in intravenous drug addicts.
The diagnosis of malignant melanoma should be made with great caution in this population," they concluded, pointing out that the histopathologic features alone (cytologic atypia, architectural disorder, and pagetoid spread) "should not be interpreted as evidence for potential malignant behavior or serve as grounds for further excision.
Complete cyst excision where possible, followed by roux en Y common hepatico-jejunostomy is the standard treatment for the extra hepatic cysts.
6 mm circular ventral skin excision along with excision of two main sensory nerves (Yagmur et al.
Excision and sending the excised material for frozen section control was performed once for 11 patients, twice for 12 patients, 3 times for 8 patients and 4 times for 4 patients to confirm that the surgical margins were clean.
The cases treated by excision of gland of third eye lid gave excellent results in terms of immediate postoperative cosmetic appearance as also reported by Saito et al.
We retrospectively identified patients with a diagnosis of radial scar in an NCB who underwent surgical excision at our institution.
Extra-lesional wedge excision of keloids was done, followed by infiltration of flaps and wound base with 0.
Initial products are targeted at breast biopsy and the excision of benign lesions, potentially obviating the need for open surgical excisions.
Sinotomy technique was performed in 40 patients, and surgical excision as well as primary closure was done in 40 patients, all of them diagnosed with pilonidal disease.
Local excision of the mass provides an opportunity for both diagnosis and treatment, limiting the importance of fine-needle aspiration biopsy.
When treatment is warranted, loop electrosurgical excision procedures (LEEP) are the most common intervention.
This study ("Radical excision with five-centimeter margins for treatment of feline injection-site sarcomas; 91 cases (1998-2002)," Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 2011) is a retrospective case series of 91 cats with injection-site sarcomas (ISS).
To determine the difference in mean corneal curvatures before and after pterygium excision, by using automated refraction and keratometry.