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Kerr and Carpenter first described arthroscopic excision of the prepatellar bursa, in 1990, in which they reported on three cases of prepatellar bursitis that had failed nonoperative treatment.
The DEFINITIVE AR (Anti-Restenosis) study is a prospective, multicenter, randomized pilot study evaluating the use of either the TurboHawk or SilverHawk Plaque Excision System followed by treatment with the Cotavance drug-eluting balloon catheter versus the Cotavance balloon catheter alone in patients with peripheral arterial disease.
As one of the most robust plaque excision studies to date, DEFINITIVE LE will provide much needed guidance on the treatment of PAD using plaque excision in both above- and below-the-knee applications," said co-principal investigator Lawrence Garcia, M.
Another key finding was that the presence and the extent of melanoma field cells were unrelated to the primary tumor thickness, the factor that is currently used to determine the recommended margins of excision.
Second, 35 of the 38 women did not need the excision based on the subsequent benign findings.
Large loop excision was not associated with severe pregnancy outcomes.
Zabus believes that the writings (first person) of women who have experienced excision best represent the essence of experience.
Among 37 women aged 20-36 years who underwent laparoscopic endometrial excision for monolateral endometriomas of 3.
Type I: Excision of the prepuce with or without excision of part or the entire clitoris.
Indianapolis, IN) maker of the ATEC Breast Biopsy and Excision System, has agreed to settle the current patent infringement lawsuit brought by Suros against SenoRx.
Plaque excision appears to be a very promising answer.
Traditionally, open radical nephrourectomy with en bloc excision of the ureter and bladder cuff has been considered the gold standard for treating upper tract transitional cell carcinoma.
Key words: Ape1 AP endonuclease, base excision DNA repair, environmental heavy metal toxicity, lead, mutagenesis/carcinogenesis.
It was located at the site of a scar from a previous excision attempt of a similar lesion 2 years earlier.
Blood samples were drawn prior to surgical incision, prior to gland excision, and 5 and 10 minutes after gland excision.