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Many Excisemen quickly realised it was not in their interests to destroy the whisky smuggling industry completely.
The smugglers hid the barrels and told the excisemen they were trying to rake the Moon out of the canal.
Consequently, as a matter of survival as well as a form of rebellion, many whisky-makers like Smith became the American equivalent of bootleggers, often distilling by night and using relatively small stills that could be easily disassembled and transported away whenever the King's excisemen were spotted approaching.
13) Fairservice complains about the loss of the Scottish parliament (131), and about the role of excisemen and gaugers (231).
Manjit Singh and his wife Jaswinder yesterday walked free on a technicality because eight excisemen searched their Glasgow home - four more than legally permitted.
At the same time, prosecutions of middle-class retailers were sufficiently numerous to provoke a backlash against informers and the various excisemen and constables who assisted them, as is illustrated in Figure 1.
Rallying for excisemen seeking higher salaries, in 1772 Paine wrote The Case of the Officers of Excise.
Among his works are The Case of the Officers of Excise (1772), a plea for higher wages to excisemen, of whom he had been one; Common Sense; The American Crisis, a series of pamphlets supporting the American Revolution; Public Good (1780), in which he urged that western lands become the property not of one colony but of the nation; Dissertations on First - Principles of Government (1795), an attack on monetary inflation in the American colonies; The Rights of Man; and The Age of Reason, for which he was denounced as an atheist.
I thought that a collection of tales illustrating the larger-than-life figures of the illicit distillers, and the excisemen who combatted them, might be of wider interest, and increase the pleasures of imbibing a wee dram by the fireside.
Excisemen would patrol the hills, stopping and searching carts and travellers for contraband liquor.
Porteynon was once a busy port, with limestone quarrying, oyster fishing and the smuggling fraternity trying to keep a step ahead of the excisemen.