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one whose business is to exchange the money of one country for that of another country

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Clearly, the heat exchanger with the deeply grooved design profile has the potential for condensing the most water vapor, and the flat-profiled heat exchanger has the least potential.
Provides details on how to develop an initial configuration for a heat exchanger and how to systematically modify it to obtain a final design.
HRS has come up with a novel system to make a rotary scraped surface heat exchanger possible with a multi tube design.
These studies show that developing an accurate predictive model for heat exchanger performance degradation due to fouling remains a challenge due to the complex nature of the fouling mechanisms and their direct relationship to the heat exchanger geometry.
The new 'compact' exhaust gas heat exchanger was developed especially for the fast growing smaller (16 KVA) engine-powered market.
b1) for each signal made by the exchanger and indicative of the exchanger's positive emotion, calculating an exchanger positive time value as a product of the duration of the signal multiplied by a positive exchanger signal value
The rule also requires that the exchanger use a safe harbor to hold the proceeds while the exchange is in progress, spelling out what those safe harbors are.
com/research/ac5388/nuclear_heat_excha) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new report "Nuclear Heat Exchanger Market - Global Market Size, Pricing Analysis, Regional Analysis and Competitive Landscape to 2020" to their offering.
15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Heat exchanger transfers thermal energy from one medium to another.
Two heat exchanger market research reports forecast a steady growth for the industry in next 4-5 years with high demand from emerging economies and increasing adoption of high end, energy saving heat exchangers.
The third segment includes systems and components for further heat exchanger application areas.
Nicole HUCKELS HAS TAKEN CHARGE OF PRESS AND ADVERTISING ACTIVITIES within the heat exchanger segment of GEA +49 234 980 342585.
Further, it will be inefficient and will not be utilizing the full cooling potential of the heat exchangers: A heat exchanger with cooling capacity of 10-15 kW under normal operating conditions (30+ kW under special conditions) will be removing only 3-6 kW of heat load.
It relies primarily on cooling plant water by outdoor ambient air but inside a sealed, air-cooled heat exchanger with no exposure to the environment, unlike a cooling tower.