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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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Qayyum (2008) Long-Run and Short-Run Dynamics of the Exchange Rate in Pakistan: Evidence FromUnrestricted Purchasing Power Parity Theory.
Moh (2010) Nonlinear Dynamics in Exchange Rate Deviations from the Monetary Fundamentals: An Empirical Study.
The official exchange rate of manat to Turkish lira set by CBA decreased by 0.0021 percent or 0.7 percent.
When the SBP finances the government, it has an inflationary effect and puts pressure on the exchange rate," he explained.
"Under this budget, the government will not borrow from the SBP," he said, adding that the decision would make an improvement to the exchange rate.
Currently, he said, a seasonal pattern of outflows being observed due to yearly closing of accounts by companies has been putting pressure on the exchange rate. 'We used to suppress it, but after imposition of the market-based rate, the impact is noticeable,' he said.
'The main point is that...there will be two-way movement (in the exchange rate).'
From July 2013 to June 2014 (FY14), the average rupee-dollar inter-bank exchange rate was 102.85.
Thus, in FY15, not only did the rupee strengthen against the greenback, the exchange rate exhibited far greater stability than the previous year, as evident from a far smaller deviation of the upper and lower values from the mean.
Exchange rates of UAE Dirham and Saudi Rayal remained stable and were traded at Rs 38.49 and Rs 37.70 respectively.
The attention of studying exchange rate volatility and its link to foreign trade is still lacking for the Egyptian economy, which has witnessed different shifts in the conduct of monetary and exchange rate policies over the past three decades.
The present study sets out to empirically investigate if real exchange rate volatility is having any possible negative impact on the export performance in Egypt and hence, is organized besides the introduction and the conclusion, into five main sections.
In the Philippines the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) does not control the peso exchange rate but works only to maintain stability, limiting large swings.
But if you let the market determine the exchange rate, then you will have times of depreciation.
The role that exchange rate plays in stock prices is fundamental, especially on internationally held financial assets, where the value of currency affects domestic interest rate as well as foreign interest rate, with resultant effect on the present value of a firm's assets - particularly in an open economy (Nieh and Lee, 2001).