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Synonyms for excessiveness

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Synonyms for excessiveness

immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits

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Condensing the excessiveness inquiry for juveniles into three triggers allows a legislature to continue juvenile registration in cases where it remains reasonable.
By attempting to perform rather than represent the unrepresentability of trauma, the visions offered by the editors and contributors to this volume accrue a transformative ethical framework, often overlooked in Trauma Studies, and successfully find responsive and innovative ways to link various forms of hybridization--generic transgression and border crossing, formal excessiveness and experimentation, among others--to tackle a subject that resists one-dimensional characterizations.
In both of these examples, the excessiveness connoted by
Nevertheless, we note there is a lack of upside in near-term spending from the domestic public and private sectors, which is brought on by the dominance and excessiveness of the country's state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
In elaborating the way McCay's cartoons are in conversation with the conventions of both advertising and window displays, Roeder points out the excessiveness with which McCay employs them as an index of his satirical intent (endless piles of toys, toys falling on the heads of Nemo and his friends like rain); but often it seems as though McCay is rather especially skilled at inculcating patterns of wish-fulfillment in consumers-in-training.
It is only the intoxicating/repellent excessiveness of the artists' aesthetic that propels the viewer, finally, to take a position in relation to the cultural energies amped up in their multimedia environments.
Gianni Buquicchio, president of the Council of Europe's Venice Commission, also praised the Constitutional Court rulings regarding the Twitter and YouTube bans, saying Kyylyyc and other judges of the Constitutional Court had shaped the court in a way that resisted the excessiveness of state bodies.
Specifically, we note that there is a lack of upside in near-term spending from the domestic public and private sectors, which is brought on by the dominance and excessiveness of the country's state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
By embracing the excessiveness of girldom--"I will wear heels AND long Holly Golightly gloves!!"--campy feminists highlight how gender is a performance.
They consider closely Chaplin's characters in terms of movement and gesture, his mastery of pantomime, the excessiveness and seriousness of his comedy, the roles of female characters in the films, questions of technology and progress, the relation between images and icons/ visuals and visions--especially of the relation between Chaplin and the Tramp, the Other under capitalism, and Chaplin's ambivalent regard for film sound.
Still, a party bag that included six types of chocolate bar, a pack of felt pens AND a Dinky car seemed a watershed moment in party bag excessiveness. Remember, this was before the Russian oligarchs arrived.
The magistrates have rejected the arguments on grounds Lukoil Bulgaria has failed to provide any proof for the claimed cost of BGN 1 M, all while in order to assess its excessiveness, there was a need to compare it with the revenues and the profits of the company.
"I fully intend to appeal against the excessiveness of the penalty in an effort to get it reduced so that I may work towards resuming my career within the football industry."
It added, "We strong security measures must be taken to put a stop to the cases of excessiveness and threatening security and incapacitate articulate citizens' lives and interests.
Television (except possibly for educational programmes) and unlawful music are not allowed in the house; pictures on the wall do not contain animate beings; there are no statues or anything that resembles statues; dogs are not present in the house; smoking is not allowed; decorations are kept simple to avoid excessiveness; the telephone is used for beneficial purposes and not harmful ones (such as gossiping or backbiting); when people come to visit, the men and women sit separately.