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Synonyms for excessively

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Synonyms for excessively

to a degree exceeding normal or proper limits

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He was excessively lively -- so much so that I entertained I know not what of uneasy suspicion.
"Mary is good-natured enough in many respects," said she; "but she does sometimes provoke me excessively, by her nonsense and pride-- the Elliot pride.
After presenting credentials which indicated the con artists were from a registered limited company, the work was carried out but to a poor standard and at an excessively high rate.
Ban on 'excessively long' contracts Mobile firms will be banned from tying customers into "excessively long" split contracts which link together their handset and their airtime for periods of more than two years, under proposals from ofcom.
A diabetic woman sweats excessively than a normal woman.
The medicines used excessively lose their effectiveness as the bacteria get stronger and develop power to resist the antibiotics.
These subsidy amounts have been excessively delayed over the past two years, thus the intervention of Prime Minister Office, the government had pledged to expedite the release of 80 percent of these amounts by July, 2017, while the remaining 20 percent amounts were to be paid by October 2017, after Third-Party validation.
He says he was told it produced "excessively objectionable or crude content."
In the Road Safety Authority's analysis of 867 collisions it emerged more than half of the 66 vehicles with tyre defects had been excessively or dangerously worn.
He explained that the RBI has not been excessively aggressive with the rate call and it should not be misconstrued as Diwali bonus.
He made a case for further lowering of interest rate by the Reserve Bank of India saying the key policy rate is not "excessively low" and can be brought down if inflation is lower.
In most cases there is a problem causing the dog to urinate excessively and so the dog is drinking excessively to replace that lost urine.
Recent studies suggest (and many cat owners have figured out) that each sound has a general meaning, and interpreting what a cat's vocalizations might be telling us can go a long way toward finding a solution to an excessively vocal kitty.
My experience there was the youngsters made use of the social networking sites excessively," he said.
Williams, 30, of Newell Hill, Tenby, said he stayed with Miss Hall on March 16 last year and when he returned from a brief early-morning trip to buy whisky he found her "bleeding excessively".