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Synonyms for excess

Synonyms for excess

an amount or quantity beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate

immoderate indulgence, as in food or drink

being more than is needed, desired, or appropriate

Synonyms for excess

a quantity much larger than is needed

immoderation as a consequence of going beyond sufficient or permitted limits

the state of being more than full

Related Words

excessive indulgence

more than is needed, desired, or required

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Research by GoCompare shows low understanding about excesses, leading the site to warn that many drivers are committing to higher excesses than they can afford - leaving them with a nasty shock if they need to make a claim.
There's also a worrying new trend of higher compulsory excesses for escape of water claims - things like washing machine leaks or burst pipes - with some being as high as pounds 250.
Brian Brown, of Defaqto, said, 'Travellers need to be aware that differences exist between the excesses charged by different insurers and should consult their provider as to how excesses are applied.'
Air Force article, the WWRS goals are to reduce FMS customers' excesses reduce material cost for purchasers, reduce material acquisition lead times, and enable sellers to purchase needed assets.
No one has yet looked for similar excesses in other carbonaceous chondrites.
The regulations require any excesses, once determined, to be corrected--by withdrawing or reclassifying them--using a specified leveling method.