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She explained that her father had long advocated policies akin to affirmative action as "a way of leveling the playing field" and that Reagan's excerption of the line from "I Have a Dream" to legitimize his civil rights policies was no different than the way that passages from the Bible had been selectively used to justify racist actions in the past.
Like his spiritual mentor Ambrose, Augustine rejects self-defense, with one excerption: the soldier who acts in self-defense and in defense of others.
While admitting that her examinations of the work of these kokugaku scholars "represent disparate and, with the excerption of that of Norinaga, discontinuous forms of kokugaku that played no great role in the major histories of nationalism" her study of kokugaku from this perspective reveals "the emergence in the late Tokugawa period of a complex and contentious discourse on the nature of Japan.
Much space is wasted on blank pages, excessive margins, and the newspaper-like excerption of single sentences in huge font, too infrequently to serve as useful signposts but numerous enough to distract.
Drama, for example, has been excluded because the wealth of new work in this field, especially radio plays, would merit an issue of its own, and because it rarely lends itself to easy excerption. Aside from some feuilletonish short pieces and autobiographical fragments, essays and "creative nonfiction" have been left out as well.
An excerption from the dissertation "The Greek Novel as Acts and Passions", defended on Nov.