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Synonyms for exceptionable

Synonyms for exceptionable

liable to objection or debate

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W]hatever is exceptionable in the conduct of public affairs, is not to be imputed to the king, nor is he answerable for it personally to his people: for this doctrine would totally destroy that constitutional independence of the crown, which is necessary for the balance of power in our free and active, and therefore compounded, constitution.
When conscientious believers find certain traditional noes unintelligible, unpersuasive or exceptionable, they look in vain for ecclesial spaces where their questions or objections can be frankly aired and discussed.
Chapter 7 outlines principles for differentiating between exceptionable and exceptionless moral norms.
Truly exceptionable too is his exploration of another two symphonies by the same composer: the grievous and energetic Fifth and the brilliant First.
23) Any function one might point to as plausibly essential in point of fact or principle might come off as exceptionable.
A newspaper of May, 1783, records that they gave offence to several ladies on account office subjects exhibited on them, and that 'the most exceptionable button in the set consisted of a little frolicksome device from the antique.
If the present condition of educational opportunity and social justice are not seen as problematic, and the relationship between culture and learning is not perceived to be particularly significant, then current course requirements for ME may not be exceptionable.
This highly respected commercial printing company is known by it's long term loyal customer base for on time delivery of exceptionable products.
What Walgreens has set out to do, and the dramatic way in which the company is accomplishing it, qualifies this exceptionable drug chain, without question or debate, to be recognized as the mass market retailer of the decade.
This work is certainly less exceptionable than many children's books of French extraction, though it is not entirely free from the leaven which ferments throughout the general system.
Chris Burke's delivery of a free-kick from the Cardiff left was exceptionable, but Boro had plenty of bodies back to defend and should have cleared the danger.
Similarly, the gratuitous language in parts of the law is exceptionable.
The ordinary relations of men are not competitive and antagonistic as m free society; and selfishness is not general, but exceptionable.
This Part demonstrates that there is nothing exceptionable about substituting an antecedent legislative determination of justifiability for the jury's case-specific determination.
In his budget speech of that year, he indicated that he considered the stamp duty to be the "least exceptionable because it requires fewer officers and even collects itself.
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