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Synonyms for exceptionable

Synonyms for exceptionable

liable to objection or debate

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1311, 1322 (1999) ("[J]udges, after all, [do] attempt to communicate one formulation rather than another; asking which formulation they intended seems no more or less exceptionable than it does in other domains of legal interpretation.
They take some unexceptional general principle and reason from it with ruthless logic until they reach some most exceptionable conclusion.
Joy Kasson quotes Hiram Powers describing his strategy for presenting The Greek Slave: "her hands [will be] bound and in such a position as to conceal a portion of the figure thereby rendering the exposure of the nakedness less exceptionable to our American fastidiousness" (qtd.
What I have in mind in the examination of 'the masters' is a procedure with what I take to be several steps (none of which will I hope be regarded as exceptionable): isolate the claims; formulate the underlying model; examine the arguments for it; explore the logical implications; ask what evidence pro and con might be garnered in principle; then investigate the empirical record; and perhaps enquire what laboratory experiments might be constructed that would bear on the issue (and then do those experiments).
Harby's desire to "throw away Rabbinical interpolations" emulates Protestant insistence on Sola Scriptura without the intermediaries of church teachings-what Harby goes on to describe as "stripping our venerable faith of foreign and unseemly ceremonies; divesting it of rubbish." (19) Decorum--order and decency in worship, harmony and beauty in chanting"--Harby also names as among "the principle points aimed at by the reformers." He notes that "in Germany, where the civil (Christian) authorities interposed to prohibit several exceptionable ceremonies and practices, it was done at the request of enlightened Israelites." (20) Harby's proposal to introduce a "lecture or discourse upon the law, explanatory of meaning" is likewise modeled on the Protestant weekly sermon.
[W]hatever is exceptionable in the conduct of public affairs, is not to be imputed to the king, nor is he answerable for it personally to his people: for this doctrine would totally destroy that constitutional independence of the crown, which is necessary for the balance of power in our free and active, and therefore compounded, constitution.
When conscientious believers find certain traditional noes unintelligible, unpersuasive or exceptionable, they look in vain for ecclesial spaces where their questions or objections can be frankly aired and discussed.
Chapter 7 outlines principles for differentiating between exceptionable and exceptionless moral norms.
Truly exceptionable too is his exploration of another two symphonies by the same composer: the grievous and energetic Fifth and the brilliant First.
(23) Any function one might point to as plausibly essential in point of fact or principle might come off as exceptionable. Indeed, if providing for aesthetic experience seems essential to art, this is because other comparably plausible functions, such as expressing emotion or presenting formally interesting stimuli, are being ignored.
A newspaper of May, 1783, records that they gave offence to several ladies on account office subjects exhibited on them, and that 'the most exceptionable button in the set consisted of a little frolicksome device from the antique.' He succeeded to his father's title of Duc d'Orleans in 1785, but fell victim to Revolutionary France's Reign of Terror in 1793.
If the present condition of educational opportunity and social justice are not seen as problematic, and the relationship between culture and learning is not perceived to be particularly significant, then current course requirements for ME may not be exceptionable. The appropriate extent of SFE/ME in teacher preparation curriculum is an eminently ideological question.
This highly respected commercial printing company is known by it's long term loyal customer base for on time delivery of exceptionable products.
What Walgreens has set out to do, and the dramatic way in which the company is accomplishing it, qualifies this exceptionable drug chain, without question or debate, to be recognized as the mass market retailer of the decade.
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