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Synonyms for except

Synonyms for except

to keep from being admitted, included, or considered

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for except

take exception to


Related Words

prevent from being included or considered or accepted

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This EAP would not be considered an excepted benefit and would be subject to ACA requirements.
Moreover, if you fall under this definition and are not excepted, use any means of interstate commerce (mail, e-mail, telephone) as part of your investment advisory business and are required to register with the SEC and fail to do so, you may have violated the act, subjecting you to criminal and civil prosecution.
The proposed rules address the requirements necessary for employee assistance plans to be treated as excepted benefits.
Organizations not required to file Form 8871, and caucuses or associations of state or local officials, are excepted from filing Form 990.
446, because it was excepted by regulation (Brookshire Bros., TC Memo 2001-150).
As noted, an exempt organization may (but is not required to) request a ruling or determination that it is excepted as an "affiliate of a governmental unit" from the Form 990 information reporting requirements.