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extremely well

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When we see something good, we can applaud it, but that does not mean that somebody else cannot do it excellently,' the legislator representing Amuwo Odofin 1 said.
According to traffic police, traffic warden Mohammad Kashif outside the Lahore Press Club Chowk performed his duty excellently to regulate traffic during rain and ensure smooth traffic flow.
He said the provincial government has announced special award for those performed excellently during anti polio campaigns.
It was not a Michael Jackson greatest hits show - it was about his inspiration and creativity, his love of music and dance, fairy tale and magic all portrayed excellently by the dancers and other performers in the show In addition the breathtaking sound, lighting and pyrotechnics were amazing and added to the atmosphere generated by the music excellently provided by the 'live' band.
Nimetz understands the western political and economic societies excellently but it is hard to believe that every western teacher and student is able to understand the Balkan obstinacy and irrational conduct of politicians and ordinary people, Rizaov comments.
Head teacher Anne Morris said: "It was a really lively performance and all the pupils performed excellently.
In Scotland, the Scottish National Party performed excellently.
Making their first appearance in Europe since 2002, Fulham are now excellently positioned to progress from the third qualifying round with the second leg at Craven Cottage next Thursday.
TO young reader Elliot from Surrey, your excellently written letter misses just two points.
Anna Birtwhistle deputised in goal excellently for the injured Becca Lillystone in a good 6-0 win for the girls.
But gardai have done excellently to defuse the fears of provisional drivers.
I have since obtained leaflets of the North Tyneside waggonways and cycle route maps from North Tyneside Council, which are excellently put together.
In Vital Connections, authors Steve Freeman and Linda Mastaglio, ABC, show the way to practice PR efficiently (the practical side), effectively (the best-practices focus) and excellently (through visionary thinking skills) to employees, customers, the media, investors, influencers and the public.
The student book continues with an excellently written piece called, ``This Next New Year,'' about a Chinese-American boy's hopes that his family's New Year's celebration will bring him the luck he needs to turn his life around.
Each child character is excellently cast but young Lucy is a standout.