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(geology) the probability that an earthquake will generate a level of ground motion that exceeds a specified reference level during a given exposure time

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However, Fitch recognizes that in most cases, the key driver of a rating for a catastrophe bond when applying the ILS Criteria is based on the probability of loss exceedance as computed by catastrophic modelling experts.
Within Sofia, exceedance of the fine particulate matter norm was recorded in "Boyana" District.
Most protected areas either had low levels of noise exceedance or were "inundated" with high exceedance, the authors wrote.
The data were so extensive because it was the state's first submission that included the recently developed and more rigorous methodology for demonstrating a stratospheric intrusion event as the cause of an ozone exceedance in a nonattainment area.
Jacob spoke with "BesfTV at the Exceedance 2017 conference in New Orleans.
But POT is considered more efficient and powerful in modeling for limited data as it approximats the exceedances of all large observations which exceed over a given threshold in a data set to GPD.
According to Section 2 of the Turkish Earthquake Code (TEC'07), the demand spectra used to determine seismic performance of an existing building based on a probability of exceedance of 10% in 50 years (Fig 1).
Actual exceedance can be achieved by calculating the total number of data exceeding the threshold of Malaysia Ambient Air Quality Guideline (MAAQG) limit and dividing this number by total number of selected data.
Goal exceedance refers "to the extent to which the LSP significantly exceeds the expectations and performance goals set by the customer prior to commencing the outsourcing arrangement.
We will, instead of the POT method, use the Average Conditional Exceedance Rate (ACER) method to estimate the tails of the distribution of these residuals.
TimCo had one processing exceedance which took place on Nov.
In fact, four of the five beaches in Chatham Harbor that are close to the seal haul-outs have never had an exceedance event.
This approach and similar variations based on exceedance of certain benchmarks and certain percentage of occupied hours have been criticized for not considering the severity of the overheated state (Nicol et al.
Consecutive Hours of Exceedance (CHE, in hours) = b--a a = the time the COI begins, b = the time the COI ends
PC360 attended RMS' client conference, Exceedance, in Boston early in May when RMS(one) was unveiled.