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  • verb

Synonyms for exceed


go over the limit of


  • go over the limit of
  • go beyond
  • overstep
  • go beyond the bounds of

Synonyms for exceed

Synonyms for exceed

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An electronic record keeping and reporting system can ease the operator's task of inputting the data, can help environmental managers with reports and provide alarms when emission limits are approached or exceeded. Ideally, a custom software reporting system can prepare the required reports and make Responsible Officials more comfortable with the data prior to compliance certification of the annual reports.
Once AGI exceeds the threshold amount by $122,501, or $272,501 if you are filing jointly, you lose your entire personal exemptions deduction.
* industrial machinery is expected to exceed $1 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of more than 6%.
Developed through advanced catalyst technology, process research and applications expertise, Exxonmobil says Exceed XP is specifically designed to provide extreme performance in a variety of film applications and to run at faster production rates.
By the end of March, revenues and grants exceeded BGN 9 B, which represented an increase by more than BGN 1.3 B compared to the first quarter of 2015.
As part of its expansion plans, Nexthink has today announced its partnership with Exceed Gulf andlaunched its latest software version Nexthink V3.5 which signals the growing demand for IT Analytics to enhance IT operations.
(5) Except as provided in subdivision (a)(6) of this rule, [begin strikethrough]T[end strikethrough]the initial and answer briefs shall not exceed 50 pages in length, provided that if a cross-appeal has been filed, the answer brief/initial brief on cross-appeal shall not exceed 85 pages.
For customers with two pieces of luggage in all three classes, total combined dimensions of both pieces should not exceed 300cm (118 inches).
Telosa Software released Exceed Beyond, an integrated cloud fundraising software solution built for nonprofits.
Exceed Physical Culture, Manhattan's largest boutique functional fitness gym, recently signed a lease at 97 Reade Street.
Exceed IT Services & Training, a leading IT solution provider in Oman, recently held a customer appreciation event in Muscat.
Enterprises will now have an easier time keeping their global workforces productive with the release of Exceed onDemand 8 by OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), an X11 window server that gives users fast, reliable and secure remote access to applications over any network connection.
Summary: BEIRUT: Caretaker Minister of State Adnan Qassar called during a meeting with Egyptian Ambassador Ahmad Badyawi Friday for trade volumes between Egypt and Lebanon to exceed $1 billion.
The noise level did not exceed the NLL 7 times in the daytime, 9 times at night and only 1 time in the evening.