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  • verb

Synonyms for exceed


go over the limit of


  • go over the limit of
  • go beyond
  • overstep
  • go beyond the bounds of

Synonyms for exceed

Synonyms for exceed

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Render Extension: Exceed onDemand users can now enjoy the effect of Render extension when accessing applications or desktop environments that support it.
First, tax avoidance will not be considered a principal purpose for providing increasing or decreasing rent where the increase or decrease is wholly attributable to (1) a contingent rent provision, or (2) a single rent holiday affording reduced (or no) rent for one consecutive period during the lease term, but only where the rent holiday is (a) for a period of three months or less at the beginning of the lease term and for no other period, or (b) is otherwise reasonable, as determined by commercial practice (as of the agreement date) in the locality where the property is in use, and does not exceed the lesser of 24 months or 10 percent of the lease term.
Given that the principle here is to reward only stock performance that exceeds the minimum acceptable return to shareholders, executives should profit only from exceptional performance.
Taxpayers lose 2 percent of the personal exemptions deduction for each $2,500, or fraction of $2,500, by which their AGI exceeds the threshold amounts ($150,000 for joint returns and $100,000 for single filers).
DGDC-2480 reportedly exceeds ASTM PE3408 standards for pipe materials.
FASB acknowledges that there are costs associated with the new goodwill impairment test but believes the benefits of writing down goodwill when impaired instead of on an arbitrary, systematic basis exceed those costs.
Arsenic contamination of drinking water is a global problem, but nowhere is the problem more severe than in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, where over 112 million reside in areas where groundwater concentrations exceed the World Health Organization's (WHO) maximum permissible level of 50 micrograms per liter ([micro]g/L) and its lower recommended concentration of 10 [micro]g/L Arsenic exposure is associated with health effects such as skin lesions and lung, liver, and bladder cancers.
If a transaction fails section 279, the interest deduction on the acquisition debt is denied to the extent the corporation's total interest deductions exceed $5 million.
Under the administrative pricing rules, transfer prices shall be such that the FSC's taxable income will not exceed the greater of (i) 23 percent of the combined taxable income (CTI) of the FSC and its related supplier (generally, its U.
Last year the agency recommended that homeowners consider taking measures to reduce radon levels when homes exceed that action level.
The partnership agreement provides for a term not in excess of 15 years (for EIPs in existence on June 4, 2004, the term may not exceed 20 years).
Produced with Exxpol catalyst technology in a gas-phase process plant at Mont Belvieu, Texas, new Exceed 1012CA has a density of 0.
New recommendations include limiting alcohol intake to 15 percent of total calories, not to exceed 50 milliliters (1.