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a unit of information equal to 1024 pebibits or 2^60 bits

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Exbibit 2 illustrates an approach for establishing materiality for all accounts based on a "rule of thumb," allocating materiality to an account balance for sampling, and determining sample size.
Selection of the Review Media The tides that were selected for this bibliography were included because they are reputable and exbibit some specific criteria: the editorial or review staffs enjoy proper reputations and bear appropriate credentials, The journals -e numeric or comparative rating scales that can be meaningfully interpreted- PerfOrmances bY similar products compare apples to apples and make fair judgments.
Exbibit 1 presents a timeline in the development of internal control.
In the second method, the composite materials, which are generally obtained in a particulate or in a gel form, do not exbibit good mechanical properties (compactness, toughness, stiffness), and are not easy to process from a practical po int of view (19-23).
Exbibit 2 provides examples of AAERs pertaining to SLAs and the contingencies they introduce.