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a diocese of the Eastern Orthodox Church

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+Bishop Pierre Malki, Syrian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate
The headquarters of the new exarchate will be at the Malankara Catholic center in New Hyde Park, N.Y.
Problems with regard to the question of Macedonia in terms of Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian, and Greek national aspirations and diplomatic activities are covered in this article from the time of the establishment of the Bulgarian Exarchate in 1870 (the name of the national Bulgarian autocephalous church) created by the highest authorities of the Ottoman Empire to the beginning of the Balkan Wars (1912).
Covering a wide range of topics--from the Russian presence on Mount Athos to Petersburg-patriarchate relations, from the establishment of the Bulgarian Exarchate to Old Believers' contacts in Constantinople--the book illuminates Russian political and religious policy during an epoch of international rivalry, recurring warfare, and exuberant nationalism.
On May 8, the Belarusian Exarchate of the ROC urged believers not to sign the petition, claiming that the law helps maintain peace among religious communities and stability in the country.
Its voice and representative is the autocephalous Bulgarian Orthodox Church that under the name 'Patriarchate' is the [legitimate] successor of the Bulgarian Exarchate and is a member of the United, Holy, Ecumenical and Apostolic Church.
Paul Evdokimov and Mother Maria were both part of the Russian emigration in France, members of the exarchate of Metropolitan Evlogy.
Together, Tasmania and Norfolk Island are a kind of archipelagic exarchate. (Foucault speaks, metaphorically, not geographically, of a "carceral archipelago," of a series of prison minicages that are more effective in carceral terms than a declared macrocage).
Metropolitan Sergii, head of the Russian Synod, named Metropolitan Nikolai head of the newly-created Exarchate of Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia, and launched a cautious drive to Russify the church in this area.(36)
Of particular interest is the hypothesis that Wilfrid was actually present in Rome when Pope Martin was arrested by the exarchate of Ravenna and Abbot Maximus taken off for torture.
Became king of the Lombards (749); conquered the nominally Byzantine Exarchate of Ravenna (751); next directed his energies toward the conquest of Rome, and by 753 was threatening the city itself; was defeated at the battle of Mount Cenis (754) by a Frankish army under Pepin III the Short, sent to rescue Pope Stephen II and Rome; was besieged in Pavia; made peace with Pepin and promised to restore the conquered lands, but resumed his aggressions as soon as Pepin left, and besieged Rome (January-April 756); besieged again in Pavia when Pepin led another army into Italy, he was forced to pay tribute and to hand his conquests over to Pepin, who gave them to Pope Stephen II; died shortly after (January 757?).
Turkey has decided to restore the possession of seven Bulgarian Exarchate properties in Istanbul to the Bulgarian Orthodox community, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday.
I would really like to know if there is a clear awareness that with the commentary, the one who ordered the poll opinion has actually taken over the role of an Exarchate in Macedonia, which is announcing to attack the stubborn population in the 21st century in order to change its self-awareness.
It is true that at a later date Iconoclasm and the "stolen provinces" became linked in papal correspondence to the Franks and at II Nicaea, but more likely the moment of departure of the Illyrian bishops was the Lombard conquest of the Ravenna exarchate in the mid-ninth century.
Thomas in the Virgin Islands and the Armenian Exarchate of New York.